Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Book Bloggers are SO TOTALLY AWESOME!!

Hey, I can say that!! I have personal experience!!!  Lol

Actually, I'm trying to catch up on all the latest news this morning, zipping though way too many emails and discovering things I totally missed doing while my computer was down. I ran into this post about how great book bloggers are, and I just had to shout, "HALLELUJAH!"

*snort* The kids are in school and my house is so super quiet, I startled the napping cats in my enthusiasm.I just love how Victoria Scott lays out the facts for other authors. Oh yea, "facts"!!

   1 - Book Bloggers Sell Books.  Because...

   2 - Book Bloggers LOVE Books!!!
 They have a passion for tomes like you and I (authors) will never understand.
   3 - Book Lovers Respect Each Other

I rephrased and added "respect" - what I mean is, anyone who has an opinion about a book that I've read or I'm interested in reading is FUN, INTERESTING reading for me! If I see someone has only 15 followers on their blog, I'm excited 'cause they're going to get more. I base my opinion of someone's review based on the review not the size of their blog following. So, yea, there's some drama sometimes* but book blogging is all about expressing opinion about books, and I love reading everyone's opinion!!  Which is a level of respect for all book lovers.

Victoria's conclusion is perfect:
 You should bow down to their awesomeness and wash their feet in scented oils.
Lol. I prefer flower-scents during springtime!!

Check out her post HERE!!

* I have checked in with The Story Siren randomly to see if she ever addressed the Plagiarism issue again. I suspected she would feel some pressure to tackle it (or I would if I was in her place and lost that many blog followers all of a sudden). And she did.  She totally swallowed the bullet, too, and didn't shove it off as some mistaken identity case like she did in previous "confessions" that I posted about HERE.

This straightforward answer was posted on May 21st entitled "Let's Talk About Plagiarism" and followed it up with an entire week of guest posts about Plagiarism.  I like a lot of the bloggers who guest-posted, not to mention, agree with them. Interesting reading!!

So... the main reason I was semi-boycotting her site was specifically because she had not confessed to any wrong doing. Or, that's what I said in my post, "Not So Perfect, Are We?"  I mentioned that I would be waiting and watching to see what she would do.

Our collective response triggered her straightforward week of Plagiarism posts. (Presumably.) So... logically if I meant what I said regarding everyone being imperfect and capable of making mistakes... and my entire offense being based on her lack of confession... well... I have that now. Right?

Basically, Mission Accomplished.  For me to specifically boycott her now would be petty. It's not like she'll plagiarize again, do you think?  She's probably walking on burning coals making sure she's not copying anything anywhere without posting credit. I've gotten out of the habit of hopping by her site frequently, but I'm going to participate in the Debut Author Challenge as regularly as ever.**  I might stick with Stacking the Books 'cause they post on Saturday... like I did this week.***

Anyway... I just thought it would be appropriate to announce... I'm not pickin' on Kristi @ The Story Siren anymore on purpose... on this post that celebrates all bloggers & book lovers and their opinionated, dramatic selves. I would not want to tick us off!!!  Ha!  That's for sure, hey?

** Ahem!  Was I participating in Challenges this year?!  Oh yea!  Woops!!

*** NOT!!  I was buried in recovering my laptop last week. I'll share the one book I added to my TBR pile NEXT week, if I get my act together. (IF!!!)


  1. You are so hilarious, love this post and your blog!
    -saba from

  2. Bookbloggers are awesome and I couldn't agree more.

    1. Cool... I kept trying to say Book Lovers, too, 'cause not all opinionated readers keep a blog!! Thx for commenting Sophia Rose. You're awesome!!

  3. You said it-and said it fantastically! There is so much I want to say, but don't even know where to begin! I just love authors and love fellow bloggers and love people owning up to their mistakes and others learning through all of the above! We are one big, happy family that just have our little tiffs sometimes. But in the end, we all unite together.

    1. Lol - fun way to look at it!! Definitely a BIG family with all sorts of characters. Books is a great uniting theme, though. This is the only place I can vent as long and freely as I'd like about reading!! I put my blood relatives to sleep in two minutes! Lol. So, yea... I'm with you. I love fellow bloggers & authors, too!!

  4. I can honestly say that I have met some of the sweetest people ever via a shared love of books! And I've discovered TONS of amazing authors/books that otherwise would have passed unawares under the radar.

    It's truly inspiring to be part of the book loving/blogging world. I'm always humbled by the creativity and intelligence displayed by so many, many people. I know the world's a big place, but I really treasure the beautiful people I've met along the way ... even if I AM a very lazy, haphazard blogger ;D


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