Monday, May 28, 2012

Monday, Monday!!

Splash Into Summer Giveaway!In Response to the latest comments...

The responses to the Splash Into Summer Giveaway make me want to cry... I mean, so many people have lost some sort of digital content.  But this comment takes the cupcake so far... if we were handing out prizes for craziest disaster, YOU WOULD WIN, April!!!!  Not sure how prestigious that is, but being chosen by lightning has to be worth a cupcake, at least!!  Please, have one for all of us (with a cup of tea, of course!)

~April~Monday, May 28, 2012 1:53:00 PM PDTI have had several computers to crash but I think my worst experience was when my house got struck by lightning and took out my computer, router, modem, external harddrive, phones, TV and everything else electronic in the whole house. :-)
I felt super-bad about ~Enamored Soul~'s story, too. She paid to get your info back, only to find it was irretrievable. UGH.  See... that sort of thing makes me so glad to have geeks for relatives. My bro laid it to me straight... "You can pay $120 to try and retrieve data, but you have a 50% chance of not retrieving anything. Up to you." I have my broken hard drive in case I remember something I simply can't live without, but until then.... I'm recovering from the blow and movin' forward. 

You know?

I mean, I'm totally suspicious of all things digital and backing up my back-ups, but Onward Ho!!!

Armchair beaSpeaking of which, is anyone else doing the Armchair BEA?!  :-D  Woohoo!!  I have no idea what I'm doing, but I'M IN!!!!!!

I think there's gonna be cool interviews and swag & books to win and fun stuff, which I can "attend" in my PJ's. I'm all about hangin' out in PJ's as long as possible!!!

If you're IN... register over HERE.  Or fill me in on how to join in on all the fun. I'm like an enthusiastic top spinning in circles, ready to go, but not sure which direction. Woopee!!

It's Monday, What Are You Reading is hosted by Book Journey.

I'm reading Failstate, of course. I'm still finishing Insurgent (I might break a record on the longest time reading such a fast-paced book.) I'm critiquing a book that I WISH I could talk about... I so seriously LOVE IT!!!!  And, of course, I'm writing mine. Which is also rather exciting, if I can say that about my own ms.  (That's a little weird, isn't it? I get all trembly exited, anticipating the next scene as it flies off my fingertips, so that counts as "exciting", right?  No promises of delivering all the trembles to the paper, but that's sort of the plan. *ahem* Theoretically.)

Next book?  

I don't even want to go there.

I'm carrying around so many books that I can't wait to start, it's ridiculous. I nearly snarled at the gas station attendant again for not taking longer to fill my gas tank. Forty bucks just doesn't take long to pump, anymore, what with all the great gas prices and all. (If I could paint that sentence with the color of thick sarcasm, I would. Oh, why do I need an SUV?!  Oh right... 'cause we had so much fun having kids, we grew out of economical rides. But that's a bunny trail for lazy Saturday.)

Memorable Monday is hosted by Escape in a Book.

This week I'm sharing a fun confrontation from Failstate. All the heroes are in costume, waiting to talk to reality show cameras about a recent tragic death.
Kid Magnum roared and took another step back. Barrels popped out of his wrist plates and he took aim at me.  
I lashed out with my power to form a destructive field that was flat and thin, like a knife blade. I drove it between his armor plates. 
A second later, most of Kid Magnum's armor clattered to the floor, the straps cut from within. He froze, his head tipped at the pile of metal at his feet. Pg 83
I get a kick out of the cool super powers mixed in with such normal people, like Kid Magnum watching his cool armor clatter to the floor. A few pages later, they're negotiating who's going to pay to replace the cool wrist guns and the benefits of keeping backups handy. Just cracks me up.