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Friday FUN with pictures!

Welcome to a Very Fun Friday!!  
Set your imagination FREE!!!!

Book Blogger Hop

Crazy-For-Books is hosting the dearly-beloved Book Blogger Hop again!!  Woop!!

How many books do you own? This can include books in your to-be-read (TBR) pile(s) and books you have already read that are on your keeper shelf.

1940 Census PosterDo you ever feel like counting your books is almost... like demanding a Census?!  I got that dreaded letter in the mail the other day, the one that states, "You've been randomly selected for the Census". Sure, random. They randomly want to know how many of us are crammed in our house for State & County services... so they "randomly" chose the house with six residents over the retired couple across the street.

David called for a head-count in the Bible and God punished the entire country for it. (I Chron 21)   Some counting needs to be... not too meticulous. That's how I feel about my books. But since I suspect that I'm over-reacting, I got a general idea, anyway...
Just so my books know, this is not a census!! (Yes. I'm talking to my books. Give us some privacy.) And you're allowed to travel around the house freely or change bookshelves without checking in with me!!  Just... please don't go outside. The elements aren't kind to you!

I have about 500... 10% reference, 10% non-fiction, 30% kids' books (includin' a smokin' hot collection of snakes -n- creepie-crawly books!!)

The rest are harder to break down. I probably only have 25 that are hot-off-the-press hardback beauties, some of which I'll give away. Maybe. Eventually.  I have almost 100 books that I've saved 'cause I loved 'em way back in the day... "childhood fav's". Some of those are still "cool" like two old sets of the Narnia books. I have almost 100 orphans... books gathered from friends & family who were liquidating bookshelves and I "saved" them from some other fate.  I have some classics, maybe 20, that are those gorgeous old books that are too beautiful to touch. Like this little gem, How to Speak Good English from 1931:

- accent con when you say, "These colors contrast nicely." Accent trast when you say, "Just contrast his behavior with John's."
Isn't that priceless?!  I like the tone of voice through-out the book. VERY condescending!!

My dreamsThat's not counting 80+ on my Nook, maybe 1/2 of which are TBRs (which doesn't include those mega-volumes with entire collections, like "All George MacDonald's works" or "Classic Romance"). And 40 on Kindle-for-PC.

And... I love the library. Can I count all the books at the library, please?!  They feel like mine!!  When you start to recognize which shelf everyone is on and notice when they're re-arranged so that you see ones you hadn't noticed before, it feels personal, doesn't it?

How many SIGNED books?!  I have 10 + 1 on the way. *sigh*

Or, what about Journals?! Should we count those?!

What about relatives?!  I married into the descendant married-into-line of Charles Dickens (thrice removed)!!!  HA!!

The wonderful Feature & Follow Friday is hosted by Parajunkee's View & Alison Can Read.

This week the incredibly awesome Featured blogs are:


Q: Summer Break is upon us! What would be the perfect vacation spot for you to catch up on your reading & relax?

Oh, let me find some pictures!!!

Did you see the button I made for the Giveaway I'm hosting with I Am a Reader?  Oh yea!!  I could read on a tree!!!

I collect Reading Nooks on Follow Me on Pinterest.  So let's have a vote!!  

Which one do you like best!!

1. Super cozy, curl up -n- read garden nook:
Garden hideaway, perfect for reading

2. Sunny bench, feels like outdoors, but you're indoors for better temperature control:
the perfect book nook

3. Outdoor room, complete with bookshelves!! Retractable wall:
an outdoor reading nook

4. Comfy sprawl under the willow:
A reading nook for the garden

5. Rustic bed, tucked in the garden:
Garden bed

6. Surrounded by windows with removable clock:
nap time

7. Suspended in the woods!! Near a campfire?

8. The backyard hammock!!
A perfect place to read books... in the hammock. :)

9. Gently swaying near water & table *sigh*

10. A magical outdoor gazebo:

The important thing is to enjoy the sunshine!! A little breeze & a lot of reflected sunlight equal memorable reading!!

These are imaginary, of course. I've been known to climb into the back of the Suburban while "unloading groceries" to steal a few chapters. Or sneak up to the fishnet hammocks in the backyard while "walking the dogs". Most of these places look like they'd take too long to set up. I'd find myself reading on the pile of supplies to create one of these spaces.  Lol. Imagination's nice, though!!

Thanks for stopping by!!!  Leave a comment so I can visit you back!!!


  1. I love the rustic bed in the woods and the gazebo, they're beautiful. I could easily read into oblivion in them! :) I'm a new follower, check me out at:

  2. I like 1 and 2 the best. 2 to fend off the bugs, but 1 for the fresh air and niceness of being outside. Now, I'm going to dream about your pictures and wishing I had land to put something like these one them. Thanks a lot! ;)

  3. I would seriously love ALL of those. But I love the beds outside the're comfy and get to enjoy the outside air. Perfect for reading! And I imagine they'd be nice and quiet too. I definitely have to make a book nook board on Pinterest! Great pick!

    Here's my FF!

  4. Those are gorgeous! Check out my FF @ New follower by the way! :)

  5. I think we are neck to neck. love the reading nook. got to think about adding one in my yard.

  6. Hard choices! They are all beautiful places!! I'll go with #1 garden nook. When I was a kid, I made myself a small reading nook in my back yard. It was near the AC units and infested with scorpions, but it was my reading spot and I loved it!

    1. Sounds cozy... "infested with scorpians". I don't think I'll have you designing my Garden Reading Nook!!! Lol Thx for hopping by!

  7. Just hopping through. I used photos on mine, too, but they're not nearly as inviting on the ones you included here for reading nooks.

    For the outdoors options, which I would have to use judiciously because I have terrible seasonal allergies, I think #9 is about as perfect as it gets.

  8. These photos are fantastic . . . makes the choice difficult. But since my daughter's name is Willow, I need to choose the comfy sprawl. Suspended in the woods is a close second.

    BTW: What a thoughtful, artful post to answer this question and entertain the hoppers. I see this is an "award free" zone, but I give my personal award to you. THANK YOU.

    That cottage, fields of flowers and a comfy sofa do spell "vacation" for me. I'll keep dreaming

    New follower:


  9. IDK, any of them look good enough for lie down while I try not to die too much.

    & don't you have, like, shelving problems?? Because I do. Just now, I'm beggining the double-row shelving sistem, whit much less books than you, jajaja.

    1. Uh... yea on the Shelving Problems. I'm trying the double row, too, since all odd nooks are filled up. Books need to stand up or lay flat, though. (I tried some other options and they're not as book-friendly.)

      Good idea not to die too much. jajajajaja


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