Thursday, May 17, 2012

Love in Bloom - Under the Never Sky

I have a really fun prize for this romantic giveaway!! 

I took an extra copy of Under the Never Sky to the book signing recently specifically to share with Colorimetry readers!!  Aaaack!!!!  I'm so excited to share this I had to scream. *cough*

I don't know about you, but sometimes you just need a GREAT book for your bookshelf. If you, like me, haven't read this treasure, yet, let me assure you, I've read some reviews and this is one of those dessert books. 

You know, the delicious chocolate you eat after you finish your veggie review books?  I'm not saying review books don't surprise ya sometimes and turn out to be chocolate covered strawberries in disguise. I'm just saying everyone should have a well-recommended book waiting just in case of a reading slump. And Under the Never Sky is that for me. Rich chocolate reading waiting for when my current sugar rush of good reading runs out.

Ok, so I'm writing this post right after dinner and I WISH I had some chocolate dessert for real. Right now. Oh wait!!  I picked up a bag of mini Kit-Kats today!!!  YESSSSS!!!!  Hey... I'll send the winner some!! Chocolate to go with your chocolate!!  That way I don't eat them all myself.  Good thing this is a short giveaway. Otherwise, this chocolate would be GONE!!!

Enough with the chocolate already!!!!

Here's the book trailer to wet your appetite:

Did I mention this book is signed?  By the author, too!!  Yea!!  And it comes with an AWESOME bookmark!!

Even if you already have three copies on all your e-readers and stuff, you wanna win this. You never know when you want an extra copy of a good book.

This giveaway is open internationally. I'll baggie up the chocolate so it won't ruin your beautiful book if it's already hot where you live. You know, it's almost getting too late to ship chocolate?  Did you know?

My shipping limit is $12. Some remote locations are out of range. (If you navigate crocodiles or travel two hours to a postal pickup hut that is only manned on Tuesdays from 3-4, I'm talking to you. Sorry.)

Other giveaway rules are listed under About Me and clarify that you gotta be old enough to win & it's no one's fault if there's a hiccup along the way.

Thank you to everyone following Colorimetry!!  I'm super grateful!!  If you're curious, I keep all my giveaways in the top left hand sidebar. Sometimes there's a lot running all at once, which is fun & confusing. I keep old ones up 'til winners are awarded so I don't confuse myself in all the fun.

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  1. Very cool! Thanks for participating in the hop and for the giveaway opportunity.

    1. thx for stopping by, Sophie Rose!! I forgot to ask a super-great question, didn't I?! I'm slippin'!!

  2. cool...thanks for making this international giveaway..btw i like your design blog..
    success for you ^^

  3. I'm having some serious self-control right now. 45% of me wants to enter just so I can have this book signed. The 55% is like "No! You already OWN this book, don't be greedy! You already aren't winning blog hops and this will be bad karma" And my 45% is like "Uhhh, I can give the unsigned one away duhhh...."

    I should have sent you my books to get signed. Next time there's an awesome author event you're going to I will totally mail you my books + postage to mail back so I can have them signed. ;)

    Also, this book is totally chocolate covered strawberries. I'd say that's a good idea to keep it incase of a reading slump, you have some serious self-control too. I actually kept it on my shelves for 3ish months before I read it, and I smacked myself when I was done. How did I ever doubt that I wouldn't fall completely in love with it!?!

    1. I know!! I have one for me, too!! :-D Yum!

      I can't tell you what giveaways to enter, of course, but I enter for books I already have. Lol. And then pass on the love!! :-D

  4. UTNS looks super interesting! Thanks for hosting all of these awesome book giveaways, Laura!!

  5. Thanks for the giveaway. Under the Never Sky sounds like it would be really good.

  6. Thank you! It's a great choice of book, and a bookmark to boost. :-)

  7. Awesome!

    biblioprincess15 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  8. Oh God! I'm so glad I don't live in a remote land, lol!
    Thanks very much for the chance!

  9. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway. I've heard such good things about this book and to have it signed is great!

  10. thank you so much for the giveaway

    can't wait to read this book and awesome there is bookmark too :)

  11. One of the best books I have read in the past year, at least. I love, love Under the Never Sky! And mini kit-kats? Yuuuummm! You are killing me! It is 11:30 PM and I am seriously wondering if there is a store open nearby and if I should go? Hmmmm! Thanks for this giveaway!

  12. All this talk about chocolate is making me hungry! Thank you for the fantastic giveaway. :)

  13. Chocolate? is it chocolate one of the prize of this Giveaway... humm.. Wish I can win this... xD

    Thank's for making it International Giveaway...^^

  14. This is really cool. A signed book, swag and kit kats. Perfect combination. Hope I'm the lucky one to win this giveaway :)

    Thank u for this awesome giveaway.

  15. chocolates and a book!!
    thanks for making this international!


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