Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Weigh In Wednesday - E-books vs. Print!!

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I'm gonna leap outa the box on this one and say...


Here's the thing...

When ya wanna read in the middle of the night 'cause this dumb cough won't leave ya alone, whadyado?!  Ya read yer Nook!!

When light hurts yer eyes and ya can't find the perfect lighting while sitting smchooshed between the snuggly kids, whadyado?!
Ya read yer Nook!!!

I mean... I love, LOVE the smell of books (when my nose isn't stuffed up) and I spend half the time I'm holding a (print) book oogling over the paper and gently flippin' the pages, not to mention I NEED PRINT BOOKS TO TAKE WITH ME FRIDAY TO THE SPRING INTO THE FUTURE TOUR TO GET SIGNED so there's no question that I love print books. Of course!

But when I want to read at odd times in odd lighting... not to mention carry 20 books around all at the same time (more like 120!)... there is nothing quite like my Nook. And I had a few moments today where I was literally IRRITATED that I couldn't pick up Shatter Me unless I re-arranged everyone on the couch so I could get the lamp, which was more than I could handle...

Which reminds me.

I was going to ask if there's any other NUT-CASE out there that can read during a headache. I get these monstrous things that last days and reading actually slips under the pain so that I'm somewhere else. (It is possible it aggravation it, too, but since I'm somewhere else, I don't care). Sorta like narcotic painkiller. *ahem* only different.

Just curious.

Memorably... I read Dragonhaven with a headache... and the main character gets a headache when he listens to dragons, so I literally hurt when I think of that book. Ha!  I just finished Immortal Rules, too. Some books are enhanced by reader pain!!

Ok. I'm nuts.