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Wiw - Love Triangles vs Insta-Love!

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Todays topic: Love Triangles Vs. Insta-love

Ah...  I really don't care about how love plays out as long as there's a reason.

It's a little harder to prove Insta-Love, I think. Most of the Insta-Love's I've read recently involve some sort of hormone-type reaction that didn't include brains. It was all sexual attraction.  And that, if I may be honest, DRIVES ME NUTS!!  If the author can show me how two people found each other and have reason to be instantly in love... then Insta-Love is my favorite of the two.

That would be because I'm a Believer. I met my man & we were engaged seven weeks later and I still feel like he is the one person I would have fallen head over heals for regardless of when I met him.

Love Triangles irritate me right from the get-go. I'm not saying I'm not indecisive, but I think it's an irritating character trait to be confused regarding love. Love Triangles are not about LOVE, they are about who makes who feel better.  Like "love" = "feeling good", which debases the beautiful idea.

The only way I can swallow a love triangle is if it makes sense. Like "love" might be the direction a relationship or two or three or four is moving in, but there's still too many questions to know for sure.

Like unhealthy attractions are kinda fun. I'm posting The Lure of Shapinsay tomorrow, and that love was so darn unhealthy that I was riveted and the big question was, was it real as well as unhealthy?!  There's no triangles in Shapinsay, it's just a good reason for why I would tolerate a triangle.


What about you?  Why do you feel that way?!


  1. In my opinion, there are very few romances of any kind that appeal to me. In most cases, it's just there. Only a handful of them actually adds tension to the story, and make me care more for the protagonist than if they weren't in a relationship.

    For some reason, it doesn't really click at that level. There isn't enough steam and stakes.

  2. The romantic in me believes in soulmates...so i can believe insta-love. However most authors try to create it with sexual tension and it so much more than that. When done correctly it is brilliant and believable. I detest love triangles...again the romantic in me doesn't want to see anyone hurt..and most aren't believable. I prefer books where the romance is a side story .

  3. I think both can be interesting, but I also think both can easily fail. I also think it really depends on the genre of the story as to what I will let a writer get away with. On one hand, it's nice to love grow organically and to feel like I took the journey with the characters. But in truth, that 'organic' feeling is like a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat. We want you to *think* that, but everything in a story has to somehow connect and make sense. That's what makes romance such a tough balancing act.

    With insta-love it does rely on chemistry way too often. That's okay to an extent, but the problem is that many authors use it as an easy way out. They do not take the time and effort that would strengthen the romance to really convince is why the *characters* like *each other* as people.

    With love triangles, there are two problems: (1) some romantics do not like these because they seem disloyal to the character left out and 'cheapen' the romance. (2) A lot of the time it is painfully obvious who is going to win, which makes a love triangle a complete waste of time.

    I like them both, but when a writer chooses to use one (or both) they really do need to think it through.

  4. It's true, unhealthy relationships are fun to read:) And I agree, I don't think you should confuse chemistry, or attraction with LOVE. Enjoyed your thoughts:)

    My WiW

  5. I love your answer. It greatly differs from mine but I see love triangles a bit differently now.

    Check my answer out at

  6. Oooh congrats on your almost insta-love relationship! I was on a course once with a man who knew his future wife for all of 5 days before he proposed! And several years later they were still going strong. So it is possible! I just find that it's usually not portrayed very well in YA lit especially. It tends to be more about physical appearance than actual personality and it should be the other way around.

    My WiW.

  7. Great reasoning!! I am so happy that you had a instalove-ish experience! :) I completely get what you mean about love triangles.. it would get annoying fast if they really thought they "loved" both people!

  8. Ooooh, believer! *Hi5* You know, I believe that love -real love- comes & gets you. & there is nothing you can do about it. That soul-touch-soul moment & the universe stops. & you have to keep your eyes... & soul & heart & ears very open to notice!

    So, insta-love is, like the despective way of saying what I said above, right?; HUGE difference.
    Love out-of-the-blue, happening just like that, without inner earthquake & stuff is just obsession. Madness.
    So, 'Insta love' is my fav too, but when is real, whenever I can feel the pull & the shake!

    Now, love triangles... I don't like 'em very much. Whenever there IS love, there is no quiestion, & you follow your heart. If it IS love, why would you be wondering & questioning the feeling...?

    There is this pretty -or rather soul breaker- love triangles, like the one in The Infernal Devices; is so bittersweet & heartfull!
    Or in The Matched Series -though I like this triangle pretty much less- I like how Cassia has very clear she Loves Ky & Loves Xander.
    Love Triangles whenever they are plot-part-of or something like that~

  9. I think insta love is okay, but love triangles are much more interesting.

  10. I like insta-love IF the execution of the story is believable. I hate love triangles IF it's very well done. The type where you have no clue who the lead character's going to end up with. It's torture!


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