Saturday, June 9, 2012

Archair BEA Wrap Up Fun

Archair BEA has been so fun all week. I meandered off track, as usual.  CONGRATULATIONS to all the many, many WINNERS!!  I recognize so many names & I sincerely, personally congratulate you!

We're the Same!!!!
Image: Statistics Image

I love this statistical Survey Results Post, did you see it? I fit nestled right in the middle of everything.

I've been blogging less than a year. Most everyone is a bit more experienced, but us "newbies" definitely dominate (participators in Armchair BEA, anyway... maybe all the vets went to New York? Lol)

I blog right about 7-10 hours per week, although I often blow into averaging 3 hours per week.  I usually pack most of that into one or two crazy days, so it's nice of them to ask for weekly totals.

Obviously I'm on Blogger... but they make it so easy, you know? It's a matter of how little I know about html stuff rather than a knowledgeable choice of platform. You know?

This is interesting... Twitter is used the most. I still don't know how to use it "right", but Twitter is where I catch tons of fun posts as people I follow tweet 'em. And I choose Twitter over any other social networking for sharing giveaways & posts & fun stuff. So... I'm not surprised, but I feel like I better figure out what I'm doing better!!!!

It makes sense that we like Goodreads, etc, next. You know... that's our world!!

Fiction - Fantasy - Paranormal topped the charts on favorite reading. Lol. NOT A SURPRISE!!!  I think this is the main reason I feel so comfy book blogging. These are exactly what I like talking about the most, what I drive my friends & family crazy talking about too much. Lol. Yeehaw!!!

I enjoy Challenges & Blog Hops best, too, when I'm organized and have time to participate, followed closely by Readathons when I have time to read!!  :-D  It's all about TIME!! 

So..... what about you?  
Are you close to the statistics? You know, like a part of what makes them a realistic reflection? Or are you different?!  

 Did you see The Future of Blogging Post?  The future is whatever we make it, you know?  But there's one idea that had me super-curious to try it and see if I could even do it (obviously not counting this post!! Lol)

That is... MICROBLOGGING.  I wonder if I can review a book in less than 500 words. I'm not sure it's possible, but I feel challenged to try. I have seen mini-summaries of reviews on Pinterest and I really appreciated it. Twitter would be a very, very quick platform, wouldn't it? But what if we could blip out wee lil' summaries like that?  I'm gonna give it a "go". Although... I can't see me using it exclusively. *Ahem*  I think I could shorten a long review after I've let-er-rip first. Maybe.

The idea of short, fast posts is intriguing, though.  I'm challenged to try.

En fin, I've enjoyed Armchair BEA this week, but I did not participate as much as I'd hoped to. Personal Life intruded on my blogging life BIG TIME. And if BEA is always the first week of June, I'm always going to have trouble participating. The only week of the year busier for me is Christmas, no joke. I have two birthdays and end-of-school parties. Plus, it seems like every year some big event or life-changing decision takes place at the end of May... this year, we moved my husband's shop. The best side-effect is collapsing exhausted into bed every night leaving my kitchen to look like a tornado hit it with balloons & streamers lingering everywhere.  What a week!!!!