Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Tuesday fun!!

Catch the Guest Post by Joe Foster from Edelweiss at Armchair BEA today!!  Plus the first LIVE streaming video of authors in New York!  Get in on the latest discussion, too - 2012 Favs!!!

Did you get your copy of BEA Buzz Books off NetGalley, yet?  Get some excerpts on fall books - including links to request preview from NetGalley!!  It's yer inside scoop!!!

I got mine!!!


I have these Giveaways still going - don't forget to enter them!

   1 - The Lure of Shapinsay

   2 - My Favorite Reads Giveaway

   3 - Becoming a Butterfly

   4 -  Book blast for Frequent Traveller offers Gift Cards for winnings!!

In addition, the following giveaways start SOON!!

   1 - Debut Author begins 6/6

   2 - $100 Gift Card Book Blast of Mrs. Tuesday's Departure starts 6/7

   3 - Feature & Follow Giveaway begins 6/8!!

But this is a special week... so I have gathered a list of author-interviews to give away even MORE books... so starting IMMEDIATELY, hold onto your seats!!  And get ready to hear from some amazing authors and their books!!!!  Yay Books!!!

MORE giveaways coming as soon as I can get them up!!

   1 - Paraglide by Peter Anthony Kelley

   2 - Bonds of Feris by SJ Bell

   3 - Masters of the Veil by Daniel Cohen

You might want to follow Colorimetry to get in on all the Giveaways!!  I've hidden the subscription sign-up box underneath the GFC follow box in the left hand sidebar. Just scroll down 'til you find it. You totally know you want to!!!


  1. Thanks for the heads up on the BEA Buzz Books on Netgalley. I had seen it but didn't give it much thought but after taking a closer look I thought it'd worth a look. Thanks for that! :)

    1. I'm kinda nervous... If I read a chapter or two, I'll want to download and I'm already buried under my reading. Too much bliss!!

  2. thx Laura! i've email subscribd - makin' it easy on me !:)


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