Friday, July 13, 2012

Happy Friday the 13th!

What a memorable Friday!!

Let's do something significant!!  :-D  Doesn't that sound like a good idea!!  Then you can remember & say "I decided to do that on Friday, the 13th!"  Or "I caused all that trouble..." or "I broke my foot entering the hospital on..."

Right... that stuff just happens without much planning. I, for one, am so glad to see Kathy @ I Am A Reader, Not A Writer back up-n-rollin' with her awesome "hobby" of blogging.  We missed you!!

I keep finding fun things I want to do on a Friday - any Friday, but especially this Friday.

My favorite Friday event is the totally awesome Feature & Follow hop hosted by Parajunkee's View & Allison Can Read:

FF 2012 Feature & Follow #105

I haven't been able to participate in WEEKS!!  Such a tragedy.  (Non-participation.) There's always so many new bloggers to meet, not to mention so many fav's to hop by & say "hi!" to!

Down the Rabbit HoleI found this new fun thing on Down the Rabbit Hole on Fridays where Amber posts pix of some cool fairytale sort. And I love pix. And Fairytales. This week she posted about Mulan. How fun, hey?  Wanna hunt down some Mulan pix & post with me?!  I didn't know I would want to when I woke up this morning, but that's what you can expect out of a Friday like today... lots of surprising delights!!

Splash Into Summer mermaid book Giveaway!This week... all week, actually, I've been chatting with Sasha Soren regarding yesterday's very playful post about mermaids, etc, etc, and did you know she posts Reading Nooks every week?!  Oh yea. It's true.  I'm always dreaming about where I'm reading in peace & quiet - something reality doesn't offer.

So... this is a muddled post of Too Much Fun this very fine Friday.

As for Real-Life Friday...
... I'm driving across town to pick up some more raffle prizes from generous businesses for the Totally Awesome Cruise-In comin' up in August (as I posted about this week). AND... pausing at a pool to take my tadpoles swimming.  (That's how "a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down" - playing WHILE working. The only way to "work" on such a great Friday!!)

Ok... so here is a medley of all my stuff.... READY?!

Q: What drove you to start book blogging in the first place?

Thx for asking, F&F... I started blogging with high hopes of writing better. It's an impossible quest, I realize now, and I've gotten sidetracked winning & giving books & meeting great book bloggers.

Which picture of Mulan do you like best?

1. Pure Intentions
Fa Mulan - Mulan

2. Demure Daughter
Mulan: Fa Mulan

3. Heart of a Warrior

4. Strength and Beauty
5. Hidden Identity

6. Tears of Hard Choices

7. A Woman of Many Secrets

8. Humble Savior


A Nook to Enjoy my delightful summer reading...


Leave me a comment, so I know you stopped by!!  I'll be sure to return the visit and follow-follow-follow!!  Thank you!!


Today only... get Until Next Time for FREEEEEEE!!!!!!
Until Next Time: The Angel Chronicles, Book 1


  1. Oooh I love those pics of Mulan! I have a poll for favorite Disney heroine on my blog right now and I bet I know who you'd pick! ;-)

    New follower via Google +!

    Come hop by my new blog, Ensconced in YA!

  2. I actually don't write nearly as much as I did before blogging. Which is kind of

    My follow friday. Please visit!

  3. Thanks for the welcome back. I just got my cast off!!! Still in a boot with crutches for the next 4 weeks but my leg feels so much better!!

    1. Breaks take so long to heal!! I have one kid who thinks he needs to remind us of that every other year or so. I'm glad you got your cast off, at least. Crazy.

  4. Yeah, I hope to get better with my writing as well.

    The pictures of Mulan are beautiful. I really like #4 and #2.

  5. So glad to be back doing Book Nooks again! I've missed the lovely! Your selection this week is divine. I SO covet!

  6. "I decided to do THAT in Friday 13th & everything went wrong & I won't EVER get out of my house -from BED!!- in a Friday 13th."

    Yeah, not something I'd like to say in a Saturday 14th, nop, uh-oh.

    Oooh, Mulan is AWESOME~ The song, Reflection, is really one of my favorites, specially that scene, whenever she's in the mausoleum & takes of her makeup.
    But, oooh, 6... 7... 6... 7?!? IDK which.

  7. Ahh I love Mulan! :D She's my favorite princess. C:
    By the way- I'm a new follower ! Here is my FF:

  8. You found some beautiful photos! I love number 3 and 7. They both capture different sides of her. It's awesome that you are joining in.

    As for coordinating, I'll email me and let you know the next few photo themes I have planned.


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