Monday, July 23, 2012

Happy Sizzlin' Summer Monday!!

Do Mondays exist if the kids are on Summer Vacation?  Hypothetically I could sleep in, right?

Just the idea sounds delicious. Almost as delicious as the coffee brewing that draws me out of bed too early.

cup of coffee??If I must have a non-fancy coffee pot, then the least I can do is have one with a timer that automatically starts while I'm still in dreamland. I found a bag of Starbucks coffee beans in my freezer waiting for a summer Monday like today. I ground 'em fresh last night, set my timer... and rose early for a wee bit of quiet before my personal never-ending party wakes up.  *sigh*

Perfect for a visit 'round the kitchen counter! Pull up a barstool & let's discuss what we're reading!!

Sheila @ Book Journey has this great post every Monday to keep track of this sort of thing. Have you seen this new, slightly altered version for non-adult books?  I wasn't sure if I should list my current read with this linky, too (there's a lot of swear words!) but I recognized Captain Underpants right away. I have the whole set.  Believe me when I say bathroom humor gets boys reading. It works. Plus, it's funny.

Seeds of War (Eden's Root Trilogy, #2)
I'm reading Seeds of War and I don't recommend it for my kids. One of 'em kinda freaks out over end-of-the-world science-fiction, anyway, but I don't want any of 'em swearing like Fi. She's been thru a lot in Eden's Root, so it's understandable, just not accepted around the house. Lol.

Let's share a quote from it, shall we?  I'm still near the beginning, but the first pages are loaded with information and tension that answer lots of previous questions.

Escape in a Book hosts Memorable Monday just for awesome quotes.
"Fi felt a fluttering in her chest as she imagined the miles of devastating, unending wasteland; the dust so thick that ochre clouds rained down mud, the rocks exposed where the soils had been scoured away. Nothing but death as far as the eye could see. It took amazing courage to test yourself against that, she thought, suddenly feeling conflicted. It was kind of... impressive. She bit her lip."
This devastation is crop-related. Famine by disease-infested food. Isn't there a major crop failure in the midwest this year? They announced that on the news this morning. *shudder* It's all related!!

*sip of delicious coffee*

So, what are you reading?  Do you know what you'll read next?  I'm hoping to start Among Others next with Calico Reaction's book club. It looks great and I've never read anything by Jo Walton and I want to. I'm still mid-Iron Fey series, too - I'm up to The Iron Queen. Fun!!  PLUS... I might toss plans to the wind to read Palace of Stone b/c I've read Princess Academy twice and I love Shannon Hale's writing.  Delightful choices!!

coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffeeDo you ever save some coffee for an iced treat in the afternoon? Iced coffee with cream and sweetener is amazing. I might try blending mine today. Maybe a little chocolate syrup and whipped cream should be added to my shopping list?  Just for my coffee, of course. Yum!!