Sunday, August 12, 2012

Wha? Monday?! G'bye!!

Read-a-thon SignupsThe real question is, where is summer going? The evidence does not lie. Another Monday rolls around bringing us all closer the end of summer, if there's any left. (Some dare to return to school today!) The Summer Readathon is done and the Olympics ended. Yep. No more watching awesome London? It's time to think about school clothes & supplies for all the kiddledids around here.

And yet, I find time to read!!

Well... not as much as I wanted to, but still.

I finished Vampire Academy & I'll post my review soon along with my review of Half-Blood followed by some thoughts on the similarities between the two. That'll be fun.

I have nearly finished Glass Houses. I paused right at the grand finale, which I do sometimes when I think I know what might happen next. I was wrong about Seeds of War... Fi and Asher are not married, yet. They did, however, visit a dramatic..... well, no spoilers. You'll have to find out like I did!!

I started Palace of Stone, which I have read mostly at the football field during conditioning camp while "watching" Bear practice. I nearly missed him runnin' during a gripping scene with Miri, Frid and Esa and then Miri was thrown... well, I really can't say.

So, that's what I'm reading. Thx to Sheila @ Book Journey for hosting It's Monday, What are you reading?

What are you reading?

I have plans for this week... my sis is visiting from Mexico City. We'll chat over "doosies". Ice tea for me & Diet Pepsi for her. Then we're off to the campground with all the fam. I'll bring lots of books to share with everyone, and I'll be finishing these three books, no doubt. There'll be more doosies & lots of chatting. Maybe a little ladder ball. Have you played that? I'm horribly competitive.


  1. I'm ready for the cooler days of Autumn and the return of the rainy season. My favorite book last week was Wyrd Sisters by Terry Pratchett. Please come see what else I'm reading.

  2. YAY! You read Vampire Academy! I LOVE the series although you haven't met my husband Adrian Ivashkov yet. He comes in the second book Frostbite which you must read right away. I haven't read Half-Blood yet but I did hear they are extremely similar. I have it on my kindle and will get to it eventually.
    Thanks so much for participating!
    My Wrap-Up Photo Album

    1. Ack! I've heard so much about Frostbite! I just picked it up today. Let's see who Adrian is!!!

  3. Have fun with your sister visiting this week!

    Have a great reading week!

    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

  4. *Hugs* & I hope you have a wonderful visit with your sister!!! Make sure you have plenty of chocolate cake or fresh baked cookies to go with your *tea/diet coke* chats lol

    Ps - never played or heard of ladder ball, but you've got me curious! :)

  5. I know what you mean about the back-to-school-blues. My 10 year old would be starting 5th grade tomorrow and I started teaching today. Talk about Monday blues indeed. Thanks for sharing all the books you've read this week. I haven't read Vampire Academy yet, you're right it would be great to look at the parallels and divergences among some of the books we're reading :)

  6. Sounds like a great week...enjoy! Sometimes it's good to take a break from intensely reading.


  7. Have fun with your sister :) Maybe you'll have time to sneak in a bit of reading too!

    Have a great week of reading!

  8. I hope you have a fantastic time this week!

    I didn't do as well on the Read-a-thon as I would like and didn't even take part in one challenge. Life just gets in the way sometimes.

  9. I've never played ladder ball! It looks extremely hard. I should try it the next time it's set up at a party. We were just camping over the weekend. I got some reading done but it was hard while chasing my 2yo and making sure he didn't run off or run into the campfire. :/ Have fun and happy reading!

    1. Lol. Ok... now I want to get pictures of me trying to aim these things at the rungs. Ladder ball is so fun 'cause there's more luck than talent involved, which makes the playing field even-er. Plus, I don't think I can knock anyone out. We'll see!


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