Friday, September 28, 2012

Faerytale Friday - The Princess & the Pea

Yay for Friday!! & Amber @ Down the Rabbit Hole!

This week, we're talking about The Princess and the Pea. One of my favorite faerytales. Peas are not "romantic" maybe, but the idea that a Princess cannot hide her beautiful essence - she is who she is regardless of her outward appearance... *sigh*

Of course, Hans Christian Anderson makes her sound like she's obnoxiously picky, which could be interpreted "brat", but I'm stickin' with my imagined version. He (Hans) wrote a Swedish tale passed down, so who's to say how it really started?

We begin with a girl in a Downpour who claims to be a Princess... but she doesn't look like one. The dissolutioned Queen Mother & Prince Royal come up with a plan to prove her identity...

1 - Alone in the Dark

2 - Seeking Shelter
Girl in a Dress in Water

3 - Seeking Companionship
Pinned Image

4 - Facing Strange Kindness
Princess and the Pea

5 - Planting the Pea
Pinned Image

6 - Grateful, but... still alone.
Pinned Image

7 - No Comfort Found
Pinned Image

8 - Nor Sleep
Princess & the Pea

9 - Deceptive Hospitality.

10 - Ouch!
Princess and the Pea

11 - Admit to not sleeping?
princess and the pea

12 - Claim Royal blood?
Pinned Image

13 - Confronting the Hosts

14 - Compainship Found
princess & the pea

15 - The Peas are Displayed

Which picture do you like best?

I found most of these on Pinterest. You can find & follow these and more to their source from my Imagination Come to Life board (unless otherwise noted).


  1. 4,5 and 9 are my favorites!! Beautiful art!
    When I was a little girl, The Princess and The Pea was one of my most beloved fairy tales!! <3

    1. Me, too!! There are not enough amazing pix or retellings, yet. Not by far.


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