Sunday, September 16, 2012


This is the first Monday in September where I have every intention of being productive. Yesterday I was reminded that if I don't remember to do the important things... other, busy things, will fill my time. So, I'm starting this week with PURPOSE!  Which means... it's time to get to writing. Since it keeps getting bumped 'til "just a little later".
Shadow Kiss (Vampire Academy, #3)

I am reading, of course. (Duh. Always reading.) I've made it to Shadow Kiss in the VA series. I was advised to pick up Blood Promise at the same time, so I suspect I'll read that very next. NetGalley is ticking down, though... so I'm keeping The Sweetest Dark  at the top of my TBR. It's not coming out 'til next year, but it was my first Edelweiss book and I didn't read it fast enough, (Phthft! Book revoked!) so this is a bit of a contest for me, since I had to hunt it down so diligently. I WILL read this book!! I want to read Eon this month, too, for Calico Reaction's book club pick. It's been on my MUST READ list for a full year, now. Talk about overdue!

Riese: Kingdom FallingNot sure I'll get to Riese Kingdom Falling, which I can't even remember why I picked it up, but it looks great! I have Poison Study, too - my first with Maria Snyder. And Jane! I interviewed the author last week and couldn't believe I hadn't offered to review. I promptly "fixed" that.

So many books I want to read and yet, I'm not reading any faster than I was this summer, you know?  And if I start writing... it might slow down even more!  The silver lining would be catching up on review posts. I have soooo many delicious author-interviews, too. I just want to jump up and down in excitement over these posts!!  *Fist pumps wildly and ungracefully*

Thx to Sheila for hosting this fun It's Monday! What Are You Reading? I enjoy thinking about all the fun books I want to read. I re-organized a bunch of books on my Nook today since I've been accumulating more at a shocking rate lately. It seems like the less time I have to read, the more books I want to read. Almost like I could write a formula to describe the phenomena:

no TIME to read = more DESIRE to read. 

Or better yet...

NO time to read + MORE books in library = Happier Reader.

Too many books?'Cause it doesn't make sense that more books would make me happy if I don't have time to read. The size of all of our TBR piles would say there is some truth to this goofy balance.

I'm coming up on my 1 year bloggiversary next month. All I can think today is how blissful it is to have an abundance of too many books. Such a delicious problem. I did not not have this problem before blogging, and I've never been happier to have a "problem"!


  1. Either did i and its a problem I am grateful for :)

    Enjoy your reads this week,
    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

  2. I really enjoyed the VA series, and thought each book was better than the last. And same thing with Poison Study - it was good, so hurry up and get to it :-)

    1. Lol. I took it with me to the football field last night just in case I got a moment. It was pretty funny... I mean, FUN to carry around a big bag of books! (eReader would have been handier, hey?)

  3. I haven't started the VA series, I suppose I should get on it huh?! lol
    Happy Monday and Good Reading!
    Here's what I'm reading

  4. Love your quote - if you are at your busiest, without a doubt there is a HUGE pile of books next to your bed needing to be gone through. :)

    Have a wonderful reading week :)
    Whatcha readin' this week @ the Brunette Librarian :)

    1. The expression on the face in the drawing just cracks me up. She's so serious and so buried. It's beautiful!

  5. I agree that having Too Many Books is a problem we can live with....just think: we'll never run out of something to read.

    That fear (of running out of something to read) is certainly at the root of my compulsion to keep acquiring



  6. I'm so glad you are reading the Vampire Academy series!!!! :D It's one of my favorite series of all time.


    1. Sweet!! I'm sooooo glad I had Blood Promise on hand when I finished Shadow Kiss last night. My goodness!!

  7. I have Jane on my wishlist. My favorite book this week was the audio of Life As We Knew It by Susan Beth Pfeffer. Please come see what I'm reading now.

  8. So true: lol
    No Time to Read + More Books in Library = Happier Reader

    Although, over the last two days I've been such a non-productive slug while engrossed in Dust & Decay! It was so good I couldn't put it down :D

    Haven't read the VA series yet, but you've got me thinking I ought to ;D

    1. Ah... the "non-productive slug" stage!! I love that! Bit me in the hiney last week 'cause I panicked over all the stuff I'd ignored and picked up a dumb headache. I gotta master the "slug" plus "re-entry" into real life a little better. Lol. Gotta love the "slug" though!

  9. Fall, to me, feels like a time to read more and write more and do pretty much everything else more. Like, I wasn't busy enough all summer? Oh well, It will all get done or it won't and that's okay, too.


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