Saturday, September 1, 2012

Snapshot - Football (& Camping)

Alyce @ At Home with Books hosts Saturday Snapshot. I promised some football practice photos about three weeks ago. I thought it'd be easy hangin' out at practice for almost three hours Every. Single. Night. Turns out, however, that I'm either "into" the play (who knew I was that "into" football?!) or "into" my book. *cough* These first three pictures are taken by Miss Trin, the first being a self-portrait.

Trin & Snuggles

Me with my Nook

The Practice Field

I love this shot. Seriously. There's so much grass on the field, so much open sky, so many trees in the distance... and the football players are lost in it all. This captures some of my finest reading moments of the last three weeks. *sigh*

#74 Lineman

#74 takin' the knee, watching the game

I don't want to embarrass my son, Bear, but he's totally awesome. It's his first year playing, so sometimes it's too demanding, but he's not only hangin' in there, he's telling me "fun" when I ask "How was practice?" And there are lots of moments that are not fun. I'm proud of him.

Ok... this is a bonus picture!!  Most of my camping shots were personal family photos with wild hair and goofy expressions. :-)  You know, fun camping shots. But this is a fun one to share. My dad took the kids for a ride in his Redneck-mobile (It says "Redneck" on the windshield.) My husband (waving) went along for the ride. Isn't the setting amazing? I love camping in the Oregon woods!!!

The funny thing is, my dad had tied his tent to the truck since he likes the aesthetics of ancient tenting and it won't stand up without extra-fancy support. He had forgotten to untie it when he drove off. So this picture followed some exciting moments where he pulled his tent over. It was hilarious!! Not to my mom, mind you. Or not at the time, at least. I had to step away 'cause I couldn't stop laughing.  Fun times!!