Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Stirring the Cup - Grab something to drink, Pull up a chair and chat awhile!

oh, yeah....ready to read!Last week I asked for name ideas for chatting about not-so-much. I got some cool ideas. "Coffeehouse" sounds nice, actually. Although I went with... um... both the other suggestions today. (Thx MADD & Trish!)
I'm not indecisive, or anything.

You wanna know how long it took me to come up with Colorimetry? Lol. A long time. And then longer to make it book related. My favorite thing about the name is how it's hard to say. It gets stuck in the back of your throat, which cracks me up.

Don't even get me started on "Burgandy Ice". *snort* ;-)

It's just that some things require a lot of thought, you know? Pre-planning, trial -n- error. Blogging isn't easy. I mean, it's not "hard" as in get-a-four-year-degree-in-English-and-minor-in-computer-graphics hard. Although... that's a good idea! If you could get away with it, do try. Just explain to your parents or spouse that blogging will be profitable some day, so it's worth dumping a bunch of money into figuring out how to do it well.

I don't have the degree. Hence Bloggiesta. Phew!!  (Wait... it doesn't start 'til the 28th? You're kidding me. *drums fingers* But I already changed my banner!!)

I've been blogging almost a year and my husband is starting to get suspicious that blogging will never profit anything we can trade for food. He sees the packages coming in and hears my squeals as I get more books, but he doesn't always see how that's important for the entire family. Occasionally he's gone so far as to pat me on the back with a sort of "keep the wife happy" kind of smile.

Dangerous. Better pat a lion on the head than hint at dissin' my library.

*cough* No, I mean, I'm working on the profitable side. Don't I have an excessive amount of ads everywhere? Sure!  If someone wanted to buy something, I'm a hub.

VOTE for "Deep Creek"!!! (My kids' school)Of course, I can't stop pushing other great things like this grant for my kids' school. Did you see it? We're seriously in the running to get some moolah for the PE dept!  I mean, Deep Creek has about 500 kids in the 6 grades. We're a itsy-bitsy town that used to be Boring!  (No, really... we used to be called Boring). I've always known we were an enthusiastic group, but this is pretty exciting. Doesn't that make you want to vote?!  The little school wins the big grant!!  I can see it now!! (Seriously. Vote!)

Chocolate Toffee Shortbread:)
Now onto the chocolate. These are rich, so go slowly so you can enjoy the sugar rush when it hits your blood stream. You can get the actual recipe HERE or by clicking on the picture. Or rather, don't... and pass the cucumber slices.

I'm back on our no-sugar, almost-no-carb diet thing and craving "contraband" something fierce. Not that I need any reason to desire chocolate any given day.

I was chatting with my friend who doesn't live in Costa Rica at the moment, and she was describing a 6th taste sense (I may have forgotten the number. How many taste senses do we have? This is an extra one.) It sounded really cool... like an enjoyment of the dark and bitter, maybe. I am inspired to ask...

Do you like your tea super-strong? Or do you prefer the proper boiling water on tea leaves for a specific amount of time and no more?

Do you like your coffee black and dark? Or do you spend gobs of money to find the lightest, most delicate, smooth fresh cup?

It's possible my preference is clear in the question. *cough*  I am VERY particular about how long my tea sits and I go QUITE out of my way to find a light, smooth coffee. My friend actually prefers the thicker, darker stuff. PREFERS. Unbelievable. I'm not sure if I should be embarrassed for "fixing" my mother-in-law's tea all this time? Or conclude that this 6th sense is purely fictional and all you dark lovers are nuts.

(I don't think this applies to chocolate. I, like most of my readers, seem to have a taste for all sorts of chocolate.)

I must thank Pinterest for the recipe for that obscene looking desert. And also an ENTIRE STASH of gorgeous pictures of old books on Sylvia's Simple Life. (Did you vote, yet?)


  1. Ha! So funny you asked about how to take tea and coffee. I am militant about tea and coffee prep and I ALWAYS volunteer to do this when I'm at my mother-in-law's house because, well, she likes to do horrible things to her tea like LEAVE THE BAG IN THE POT FOREVER which is so wrong it brings tears to my eyes. No. You're supposed to let it steep for only 3-5 minutes and then TAKE THE TEABAG OUT of the pot. And that's it. See? Easy. Any longer than that and you'll have a nice cup of paint-stripper. As for coffee, fresh-ground beans are best and then drink it black as soon as it's brewed. Mmm it's velvety dark and rich tasting. A little cream and sugar is nice as a treat sometimes but mostly I like it black straight out of the pot. If it sits around too long then it gets bitter, which is not so nice.

    Those bars look yummy!

    1. Ha! This is my point exactly. This is how tea is SUPPOSED to be made!!

      My friend (we're still friends despite this) likes the paint-stripper effect. L.I.K.E.S. I suspect my mo-in-law does, too, 'cause she leaves old bags in her cup and keeps adding more with hot water. And hot-ish is good enough.

      I'm with you. Plus, I thought this behavior could not possibly be intentional.

      Maybe my friend is being all fancy calling "paint-stripping" a 6th taste sense. She seemed very sincere, though...

  2. Congratulations on the Grant, I voted and would love to see your school win, Laura!! <3

    You know, it's my understanding (??? take with a huge grain o' salt, but anyhoo) that dark chocolate, coffee and tea, etc contains a much higher level of tannin than is normally found in plants/and such.

    I have an over-acidic stomach-system, so I have to carefully monitor tannin, as it can send me in to paroxysm of swelling & pain. Ugh. No fun. Must avoid. lol

    Ps - That dessert borders on the decadent. Me likes decadent ;D


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