Monday, October 29, 2012

Of Tea & Chocolate... I think I'm here?

cup of tea

Hey... thanks for stopping by! Pull up a chair and have a seat!  Cuppa tea for you?

I am being totally LAME-O on posting, so this is a casual way of saying... um... I'm still here, I just don't know where I misplaced myself.

My honey's birthday is right after Halloween... which makes two AWESOME events comin' up this week. I had so many plans for Halloween posts. *pause* Well, at least we picked up some pumpkins and carved them today. We were kinda cutting it close to the 31st. Whatya do if you miss the date?

I mean... if Christmas flies by, do you still get a tree and hand the lights?  Some seasons are so crazy. I remember one year I got half the lights up on the tree and the string just lay there, dangling for over a week 'til I could get back to it.

This week isn't quite that crazy... but it is pretty serious. Wanna know how serious? I was reading Bloodlines this morning and had to stop right when Sydney and Adrian are waiting at knife point for Strigoi... and I haven't had a second to pick up my book since I left 'em hangin' there. That's serious.


Halloween is so delicious. I broke down at ate those Resee's I posted on the giveaway last week. My excuse was everyone is listing different types of Halloween candies they prefer. In a perfect world, I would research which candy is the winner's favorite and surprise 'em with it. Doesn't that sound fun?  So I was free to eat the chocolate peanut butter deliciousness. Mmmmm.... it was good, too.


So, hey... this is a discussion. Hop in and share some crazy-busy weird moment so I don't feel like the only nutcase here. And everyone on the east coast trumps my twinkle light issue with a tree in their living room? I hope & pray everyone's ok over there tonight


  1. you are not, between probklem with teh post office i nearly forgot i reveiewed a lot of book i read the first 23 week of this month so this week i had what?10reviews redy and less day to post so for the first time double or triple posts a day and i have to prepare a special cthulu with teh decoration etc and just now some one is saying he can't come so i spent a lot of time ofn his part for nothing when i could have done something else i'm complete lost today

    1. ( 2 or 3 not 23 , ready not redy and sorry fior all the other mistakes i'm too tired sorry)

    2. Lol... you totally WIN!! Between 2-3 turning into 23, you sound veeeerrrry busy!!

      I love the blogger-interview, btw... I can't wait to post it. As soon as I find some TIME!!! :-D

    3. time is teh essence but i enjoy a bit the moment too i need to go buy some candies ( for me all for me) and choose a good book with my cup of tea and i will be ready for tomorrow night ^^(between and after the tchullu ssession but i will take some time for me)

  2. I haven't eat any halloween candy yet! But i'm about to grab a cup of tea and my book b/c I don't have much time left in babycake's nap!


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