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Faerytale Friday - The Goose Girl


This is one I never knew existed until I read The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale. I loved the story so much that I read all the acknowledgements, naturally, and Shannon mentions the original Grimms Brothers story. There area  few beautiful elements... and a few weird ones... and they're all in Shannon's rewrite, which is fun. Plus, she took her story and turned it into a series that doesn't resemble anything like this beginning. No wonder I like Faerytale Rewrites!!

The Goose GirlWhat I love about The Goose Girl...

There are kingdoms and real princesses. There is treachery and blood. There is a great horse (I'm always a softie for a truly great horse.) There are disguises, gritty-hard work, horrible bosses and a handsome prince. The geese are not my favorite part of the story because Shannon uses real geese to play her geese. They're snippy, fiesty, moody things that make their herders pay painfully before they agree to follow 'em. There's also wind... I'm a sucker for the wind taking an active part in any story. The super weird parts come from the original Grimm's tale.

First published in 1815, the original tale written by the Brothers Grimm includes a talking horse head. A goblet. A handkerchief with drops of blood.

1 - Endearing friendship between princess and her horse

Princess and horse

2 - A goblet meant for a princess... turned into a mockery of her title.

Pinned Image

3 - The geese. *run away!*


4 - Enter the Wind!! And the combing of her hair (?)

Goose Girl, Rackham

5 - More geese and wind.

6 - The talking horse head hanging on the wall. *shudder*

7 - In Manga-Style!
8. Lonely

9. Poor

10. Making a new Friend

11. Facing the Future!

I love art - pictures and drawings. I collect all sorts of stuff on Pinterest. If the picture doesn't click on to it's source, I got it off of Pinterest.  Let me know if you create graphic art stuff!! I would love to see your stuff! Or follow you on Pinterest!!  Thanks for stopping by!!

Did you know about The Goose Girl? 


  1. I loved the original tale, but hadn't heard about this retelling until now. It sounds great! I'm a huge "wind lover" :)

    <3 #1 (snow white horse!!!) and #8

  2. i heard of this book when i saw it as a prize for a giveaway but that's all

  3. I've never heard of The Goose Girl! I'm so curious about it now! And, as alway, AWESOME pictures!

  4. I absolutely LOVED this version! Shannon Hale has such a unique voice and a beautiful way of writing. Books for Kids

  5. I'm familiar with the story of the Goose Girl (got a very, very big book with most of stories from the Grimm Brothers ;) ) but I didn't know there was a retelling of it! I'm going to check it out asap, I just love those things^^.

    Although Goose Girl isn't my favorite fairy tale (sorry love Snow White a bit more ;) ) but it still left a very big impression on me hen I was young. There's a talking horse head... I always thought it was so sad for the poor horse! I'm hoping in the retelling there will be some kind of twist for that poor horse!

    I like the pictures you chose to describe the fairy tale. They fit perfectly!


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