Saturday, November 17, 2012

Snapshot - You Are Invitid!

I am partyin'. :-)  Cam is turning 9 today and he wanted a Mine Craft birthday party. I had him design his own party invitations. He created this on my computer and was pretty irritated when he noticed the misspelling. It's tricky backing up a lot of steps to fix something.

I love this... it's a tiny, beautiful peak at childhood. Especially for a birthday. As I celebrate, I remember the little guy he used to be. He's so grown up, now. But not too grown up. :-)

Thx, Alyce @ At Home with Books for hosting Saturday Snapshot and giving me a chance to share personal picture-book stuff. This isn't a picture taken by a camera, but it is created by one of us.

What's with the Mine Craft craze, anyway? I mean... look at this guy! He's just boxes!!


  1. Minecraft is so important to my boys right now (and all of the middle schoolers in Boy Scouts). Half the pumpkins at their meeting were minecraft themed, including my son's. Just another one of those fads I guess.

    The invitation is very cute, but I feel his pain - it's awful to have to go back and fix an image.

  2. Never come across Minecraft, but I like the image, and can remember my daughters' early efforts when we first had a computer - one year they designed and printed their own Christmas cards. My Snapshot is at


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