Saturday, January 26, 2013

Snapshot - Fire & Ice

We had a "Cold Snap" in Oregon... and it made for some interesting pictures...

This spider web came back alive, bright with ice:

Ice grew on everything, spiking dangerously on the blackberry vines in the fog:

We were cozy inside by the fire... I love the warmth of fire when it's icy outside!

No, really... this pellet stove made it so hot inside we had to turn it off after a few hours, it was so hot. I love fog... it's so mysterious, but the ice... we're just not used to that much cold. Lol. It was really cold. Now I have a cough & cold to match the season. Ha. I sound funny this morning, but I slept so great, so I'm on the mend. My honey tells me he was kept awake all night with weird sleeping noises coming from his wife. When I do a cold... (hahahaha) I do it right!

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