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Young Adult Giveaway - Oracle Series by CW Trisef

Buckle up and hold on... we're going for a ride!!

Sunken Earth
by CW Trisef
Kindle Edition, 203 pages
Published Jun 2011

Fall, current day, Atlantic Ocean. Another hurricane tears through the Bahamas, headed for Florida. Among the wreckage: a U.S. Coast Guard rescue boat, one survivor (Ret Cooper), and a spherical object of curious design (the Oracle). 

Ret Cooper is a simple young man with mysterious origins, unique physical features, and no memory of his past. His new family and friends discover he is truly extraordinary, with supernatural powers and strange scars on the palms of his hands. But what is his destiny? 

The Oracle is the key to Earth's unity and full potential, too perfect to be man-made. Legend claims it can unleash limitless power when filled with Mother Nature's six, pure, original elements. But where are these elements? And which of our planet's ancient secrets will be explained in the process of locating them?

The first book from new author C.W. Trisef will have you cheering for Ret as he travels a submerged road, discovers a lost city, climbs an electrifying mountain, and begins to unravel the mystery of the Oracle ... all during his first year of high school.

The Lost City of Atlantis

Fire Island
by CW Trisef

The adventure continues! With the first element (earth) painfully collected within the Oracle, Ret Cooper and his friends return home to find that things are only heating up. Thanks to some mischief caused by the peculiar Benjamin Coy, Ret’s second scar makes its explosive debut. But what does it mean, and where will it take them? These questions gnaw at Ret as he begins his sophomore year at Tybee High.

With challenging twists, inspired turns, and a few unexpected surprises, our hero once again confronts danger and disaster, while discovering newfound feelings for a certain female companion. Old friends and foes, along with a few new ones, follow Ret as more of our world’s mysteries lead him to Fire Island and the second element (fire). Ancient artifacts, a hot-air balloon, lines in the desert, a city in the mountains, tribal societies, and even the navel of the world all play their parts in Ret’s continued quest to fill the Oracle.

This second installment in the Oracle series is a must read, full of fun, adventure, and wholesome purpose. Hang on tight as author C.W. Trisef takes you to places and predicaments you have never seen before or even imagined, and makes you feel like you are a part of Ret’s destiny, to cure the world.

Nazca Lines

I happened upon the author of this series on LinkedIn - Oh, the bonuses of being social!! Even when I'm bumbling around completely lost, I happen upon hidden treasures!!  This series looks so fun and full of mysterious secrets sparked by real stuff hiding around the world. The author has very generously offered copies of both of these first two books in his series - print copies for US winners & eCopies for international readers. Whoohoo!!  The books both look great... so let's chat with the author. Please welcome CW Trisef to Colorimetry...

What inspired you to write this series? 

I have always been fascinated by our planet’s ancient secrets, so that was certainly the genesis for the series. The world mysteries in book 1 are the Bermuda Triangle, the Lost City of Atlantis, and the Bimini Road. The world mysteries in book 2 are the Nazca Lines, Machu Picchu, and Easter Island. My website ( explains each world mystery in greater detail. I like to think that the Oracle series is an impressive blend of fact and fiction, based on real places and substantiated theories. I believe that a great story not only entertains but also educates, thus the unique writing style.
Do you have a favorite scene in each book so far? 

Actually, I have so many favorite scenes, I'm not sure I could pick just one (sorry). For example, in book 1, Ret (the main character) discovers a submerged road at the bottom of the ocean, then discovers a lost city, then climbs an electrifying mountain beneath the bottom of the ocean within that lost city. And then, book 2 gets even better. Ret and his friends discover ancient artifacts, ride a super-powered hot-air balloon to the navel of the world, see truly amazing lines in the desert, find a city in the mountains, help tribal societies, and much more!  Just wait for book 3, which will be out early 2013 ...   

Share something personal!! What sort of traveling do you like to do? How did you get into snorkeling? 

I have actually only been snorkeling once in my entire life, and I did so as research for book 1. You see, I am committed to maintaining a well-informed imagination. In April 2011, I traveled to the island of Bimini in the Bahamas, braved the Bermuda Triangle, and scuba dove the site of the actual Bimini Road for myself (see pictures on my website). After the trip, I even adjusted portions of the manuscript to be more consistent with what I observed. So, in the end, I try to make my product a compelling blend of reality and fantasy that is almost believable.

C.W. Trisef has always been a dreamer with a passion for creative literature, especially fictional adventure. He believes that any quest can be realized within the pages of a good book. One brilliant day, during the Spring of 2004, C.W. envisioned the first adventure of Ret Cooper and his fate with the Oracle. Seven years and hundreds of pages of manuscript later, Trisef Book was formed and the Oracle Series officially began. 


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Available to WIN: Sunken Earth & Fire Island to two winners - one print copy of each to a US mailing address & one eCopy of each to an international address. Must be 13 to enter & able to receive winnings. See my About tab for all the giveaway rules.

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