Friday, February 8, 2013

Faerytale Friday... Little Red

I could go all night... I love collecting pictures of Little Red Riding Hood. After reading Scarlette, I see the red as more... like blood. And the snow sets it off so beautifully. What a dark tale!!  Of course, I haven't read Scarlet by Marissa Meyer, yet. I can't wait!!

Which picture draws more emotion for you?

1. little red riding hood

2. Little Red Riding Hood

3. little red riding hood - so scary

4. steampunk little red riding hood.

5. Little red riding hood part 1

6. Little red riding hood

7. Little Red Riding Hood, circa 1980’s  Photographer: Sarah Moon

8. First Encounter by Beatriz Martin Vidal

9. Little Red Riding Hood by ~restmlin on deviantART

10. Beware wolves  Little Red Riding Hood by Annya Kai im liking the dark forest alot!

11. Little Red Riding Hood

12. Little Red Riding Hood.

13. .

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Which picture do you like best?  
They all click back to Pinterest where I found 'em. *sigh* Gotta love Pinterest!!!