Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bookmarks & Learning Photography

I am creating bookmarks for the Follower-Love giveaway winners of some time ago.

Picture-taking is not one of my talents. My first pictures don't show a whole lot...

I had the right idea, I think... books to show how long the bookmarks are and cute examples of how to use 'em. I like the way the bead or button at the base peaks out from under the books. But I had trouble with the lighting and getting clear pictures.

I watched a video on Etsy - about lighting, interesting angles, close-ups to "answer questions the buyer might have". Then I set up this white sheet under a big window and kinda went nuts...

I think I took hundreds of pictures... then I deleted all the fuzzy stupid ones while they were still on my camera (more than 1/2). I have two or three pretty cute pictures of each one. After spending so much time making them... and then getting pictures of them... these lil' creations are very loved. Lol.

I'm just sharing one of each 'cause that feels like a lot as it is. But this way... my winners (of a month ago) can come choose their prize and all y'all can tell me which ones you like best so I don't make too many not-so-good ones. Ok... with no further ado...

Here's my bookmark collection:
(Of course I titled them. How can they not have names?!)

1 - Blue Rose
The elusive blue rose with black beads... notice the one square black bead. One. Square. Uh-huh.


 2 - Golden Blush
I designed this entire bookmark around that one big bead... it's clear with gold running through it. No idea where it came from, but I love it. Highlighted with pink, purple, and clear beads and one antique gold wire thingame.

 3 - Bronzed
I love these beads... they look like root beer barrels. :-)

4 - Earthen Down
Earthy brown colors... spotted brown down feather from a peacock, and a worn gold button. Email me for close-up detail shots. This bookmark looks loved!

 5 - Black-n-Read
Red and black fibers... red and black beads. Don't mess with this bookmark! It's dark... and likes vampire stories. (See that red fiber wiggin' out? I love it!)

 6 - Muted Rainbow
Metallic bead at the base and pretty purple-blue fibers... try to contain the golden brown. Isn't happening. This bookmark... is not tame.

 7 - Red Stone
Squee!!  These beads are clear with red in 'em, a unique collection that fits with the peachy colored fibers and this wee lil' feather with such bright colors.

8 - Touch of Gold
Untameable bronze with streaks of gold. The beads clearly match the craziness of this bookmark while the button attempts to look calm about it.

9 - Free
The base bead is black... the fibers are bronze, salmon & gold... I might have gotten carried away with all the danglies.

10 - Friends Forever
Shining, unique, bright...

11 - True Love
I only have one left of these LOVE charms. I hope this goes to someone who believes!!

12 - My Rainbow
I love this picture... this is a very quiet, personal sort of bookmark.

13 - Ice Blue
I had to use this picture because... see how it dangles?! *sigh* The little stone is clear, pale blue. Ice...

Don't they look so pretty?! Not all perfectly clear, but I'm learnin' how to take pictures!!!  Email me for more shots of any one of these. I have lots. They are all made out of antique-ish materials... old earrings, craft buttons, random beads, fibers & embroidery string passed down to me from people who know I like to collect pretty things.

Which do you like best?


  1. really good i prefer number 2, 12, 10 and 13 ^^
    keep up with the imagination, it's the best

    1. thx, miki!! :-) I wish I had the patience to knot 'em like you do. So beautiful.

  2. Very, very pretty! They are all amazing looking, but if I had to choose a favorite it would be Ice Blue (I love how the bead dangles), Black and Read (it reminds me of my firefighter husband), and then Golden Blush because this one is just really pretty.

  3. I am IN LOVE with Blue Rose and Ice Blue! I wish I could have your creativity.

    1. YOU CAN!!!

      There's no way I could make these if they weren't really REALLY easy. I'll do a How-To...

  4. They all are very beautiful I love Blue Rose and Ice Blue Blue is my favorite color!

    1. I love blue, too. That was a happy accident to open Ice by Sarah Beth Dirst to display that one. :-D

  5. Hmm... I am between 9 & 12.
    Oh well, I love them all!!! Beautiful crafting, mon amie.

  6. I like the Ice Blue one! :)
    Your bookmarks are so pretty and unique- I never see anything like them in shops or stores.

    1. Aaaaand that's a good thing, right? I'm takin' it as a good thing. Lol. thx, Beth!

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  8. Very cute and creative! Love the names! Great pictures too! You are an artist, Laura!


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