Saturday, March 23, 2013

Snapshot - Oil Boom Day 1

Thx, Alyce @ At Home with Books for hosting Saturday Snapshot!!  Welcome to my personal photo-album. Grab a cookie and have a seat. Or else!

Straight from North Dakota...

So much sky... so cold... so different from Oregon...

Burning gases off... collecting oil, separating water.

Makeshift dorms being built in a house... all the guys are grateful for a place to stay!

New site. There's a rush of activity and everyone works 'round the clock.

Getting another load.

My cousin took these and sent 'em over to us, sharing about his first week working in the oil fields. We've been pumpin' him for details, asking too many questions. 

Rumor is... there's lots of work there and everyone's working lots of overtime.
Reality is... when there's work, everyone works through the night 'til it's done... and then hangs out 'til there's more work.

Rumor is... Walmart doesn't unbox crates in the store, they can't keep the shelves filled.
Reality is... that's true.

Rumor is... there's tons of work for everyone, it's easy to get hired.
Reality is... it helps to know someone who knows someone & get a referral!

First week on the job... lots of waiting, lots of wind & snow, some tests (pee-in-a-cup), some supplies (hard hat, flame retardant suite, safety sunglasses), training & a couple all-nighters. Sounds fun, doesn't it?!

I really like that first picture... looks like the truck is posing in front of the huge North Dakotan sky!


  1. Uh, they don't sleep at the truck?

    doesn't matter, LOTS of snow! It is spring already, North Dakota, what thee hell?!?

    1. Yea... sometimes they do. When they pull the all-nighters, I guess, they'll pull over for a nap in the middle of the rush. Craziness.

      Would you believe we got some snow here? It was like he sent some over to us to say "hi"! jajajajaja No thanks... I like SPRING!!!


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