Sunday, March 24, 2013

Fairytale Fortnight - Cinderella

Exciting NEWS!! I love fairytales!!!!  :-D  Wha-? You already knew that?!  Phfththfffft  Maybe you already know that one of my favorite things to do is recreate some of my favorite things about one of the tales in images? Ya?  :-)  Reading Scarlet, remembering Cinder... this post was a delight to create:

Cinderella tells a story... 

1 - All is not well... it is, in fact, very bad except for the friendship of animals.

2. Hope beyond hope... silly, really, but there's hope.

3. Unbelievable beauty. (It is too beautiful to be real.)

4. There's also a pumpkin. Some shoes. A clock.

5. There is leaving... daring to do something different. So brave.

6. A formidable castle... containing the most handsome of princes... eep!

7. There is pressure, tension... fear.

6. A confidence that wells up inside, undaunted.

7. But time runs out... nothing is quite right.

8. Important things are left unfinished.

9. There isn't time to make things right.

10. Hurry, hurry! It all falls apart.

11. A complete disaster.

12. Dare to be like Cinderella...

13. Dreams really do come true!

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Which picture is your favorite?


  1. I love #3, #4, and #13. The dress for #3 is unbelievably beautiful! I really love the steampunk pic #4. And #13 as an almost anime feel to it. :D

  2. #5 is definitely my favorite! I love all the details - from the castle to carriage and houses to cobblestones!

  3. #6, #13, #2, #1, and #9 are my favorites. This was a delightful post to read and look at.

  4. I love the hope in #2! Perfect! 4...steampunk? Ideas! And all these pretty dresses, *swoon* I love these posts, Laura!

  5. I absolutely love # 4 really love the steampunk picture!

  6. My favorites are #6 and #10 and #4 is a very fun one. Very great ones :D Jaclyn @ JC's Book Haven

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