Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Tinkerbell is dying, Clap! You must Clap!! Or... The Beginning.

That is the most pathetic title, but Colorimetry is barely limping along, you must have noticed.  And since I want to blog again, only differently, and since I wear leggings to work sometimes, I think it's ok to be Tink and talk about Neverland. Or whatever.

Yea, feedback could help here.


Or not.

To begin this stage of my blogging life, I must Go Back To The Beginning.

My NEW story started when, well... there was a need to find a Real Job. (Skipping very boring details.) My dream job was hiring and I ended up interviewing blah-blah-blah at least four times blah-blah-blah because they are that picky about someone taking over for someone going on maternity leave (yes, I don't have a real job. You can start rejoicing now.)  (It's a relief to me, too, believe me.)

When I was offered the position of one of the most respected people I've ever known in the work force... (not the new mommy, but her predecessor) did I:

A) Dance a jig in the conference room?
B) Paste a smile on my face and nod 'til someone got me a drink of water?
C) Burst into tears?

I'm not going to answer that today. You'll have to come back tomorrow to see. Providing I remember to post.

*wicked grin*

You can vote in the comments.

Talking about a Real Job is boring, even when it's as awesome as mine is. It's boring me, already. I can't imagine what you're tipping onto as you drowse off. (Why are you still reading this if you're falling asleep? That's weird.)

So I'm going to turn it into a story. Tinkerbell works great. I dressed up like Tink once for Halloween when I was too old to go trick-or-treating and I like the look of leggings and boots. I can get away with wearing leggings and boots for work. They're actually in style. I avoid bright green and I don't bring glitter, so no one knows that I'm Tinkerbell in disguise. *nods sagely*  Works great.

Wait, what?  Tinkerbell doesn't wear any leggings?!

Great scott!  I am not going anywhere with that much skin hanging out!!  That would scare the other passengers on my commute!  I must've been Peter Pan!  Whoa.

I know... I can be a pirate!!

This is me going to work:


Speaking of my commute...

I'm reading Edenbrook and I literally laughed outloud in public. *snort*  Which, as you can imagine, only cracked me up more. Try not laughing when you're laughing about laughing!  Oh my... I was wiping tears and shaking uncontrollably. It was totally embarrassing. But not as bad as the girl in this story. I am enjoying it so much, I can't wait 'til tomorrow's commute!  45 mins of un-interupted reading at 7:15am for me!


How could I not laugh?  Fine lady being assisted by a complete gentleman:

"Hardly knowing what I was doing, I began to hit the table with one hand as I sang in a low voice, "Big cows" - thump - "lumps of meat" - thump. His eyes widened. "Give me milk" - thump - "warm and sweet" - thump.

I stopped abruptly, pressing my lips together as I realized what I had just sung. The ridiculousness of it struck me forcibly, and I knew I could not go on without laughing. We stared at each other, locked in a stalemate, his eyes brimming with laughter, his lips trembling. My chin quivered. Against my well, a sound burst from me. It was a very unladylike snort.

He threw his head back and broke into a roar of laughter..."  Page 32

I'll share more of my reading since it's rather slow going. I smell the roses, so you can catch up to me quick, if you want to read, too. I'm on page 105.