Monday, October 13, 2014

Oregon + Fall = Rain (Woohoo!)

This happens every year...

Portland, OR 7-Day Forecast
Every year there is a moment where Oregonians living in the green fertile land of promise peer into the future and see never-ending rain. It always feels a bit momentous to me. Like "Goodbye, Sun, I'll see you next July!"  I appreciate how our local news attempts to break it into heavy-lookin' drops vs. passing-thru showers vs. thunderstorm potential and stuff like that.  It's thoughtful of 'em, I think. More positive than simply "Get yer coats out, the warm weather has officially left."

We've had the most beautiful fall EVER so far. All these football games without sideways-blowing rain. (Yeah, they do show sideways-blowing rain on the forecast on occasion. Looks awesome. Feels best when watching from a window.) I can't help loving sunshine... anything rare is sweet, yeah?

I also like how they try to indicate that the sun still exists even if we won't see it for the heavy cloud cover. Lol.

If it stays in the low 70's or high 60's today I won't break out the umbrella 'til tomorrow morning when I shall make utmost effort to maintain decent hair all the way from home to work. Sooooo unlikely with that size of raindrop, but I'm game to attempt it. It's either that or wear a bandana to work, which would be really weird.

I have been reading books as fast as I can get my hands on 'em... much, much faster than I can review them. The Falconer  totally rocked, even that startling ending. Now THAT faery was a faery, so inhuman, he is totally AWESOME.

Well... fiddlesticks. I had to write a review.  *snort*  I can't think about a book and not talk about it, sheesh!

I'll post it tomorrow. Or you can catch it on Goodreads already.



  1. You know how Oregon and Washington used to have their own, smaller, local weather systems? It feels like the entire PNW is under one umbrella system now. If it's raining in B.C., it's raining in Seattle, Portland, and Eugene. I welcome the rain with open arms, but I'm struggling (as I always do) to figure out how to dress for days that start at 50 degrees...without looking like a bag lady.

    1. Lol. Good point.

      Clothes that can go to work via the outdoors take excessive consideration. I use a lot of imagination to make such a mundane thing worth the time required to think on it. I mean, we could go with "bag lady" every day, 'cause it fits, but I prefer "Jedi".



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