Thursday, April 14, 2011

Shop Art

I have this cool program, Corel Painting, where I fiddle with pictures to turn them into paintings.  It should be super simple - probably is, if I can figure it out, but I spent a very, very long time figuring out how to turn these trucks into paintings that still captured the gloss and shine of a great paint job.

The '60 Chevy Truck is probably going to be a long-time classic for our design stuff... like on postcards and advertisements and everything else.  The trim was so hard to find, we shipped it over from Colorado, so it's rare to the eye that knows.  But you don't need to know that to appreciate the ghost flames or the singular style.  J's got utube video's of that truck doing burn-outs and brodies in the parking lot of our last shop.  I think it's under 1960 Chevy Apache, if you want to hunt 'em down.  Pretty cool.

The '77 Ford Truck was passed down to J from his grandpa, who bought it new.  That canopy and those tie downs that barely show up on the bed were custom ordered along with the tool box in the side and red interior.  J drove this truck cross-country bringing it home from the great state of Montana last spring.  Took the summer to restore it, replacing rusted areas with fresh metal.  Best kind of vehicle to keep forever... the one with history.