Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Giveaway Hop

Giveaway Hop from I Am A Reader, Not A Writer... over 200 blogs participating!

It's November... the leaves are falling, or already covered in snow, or... the rain is steady. I can get Christmas music on the satellite radio while raiding the kids' trick-or-treat buckets. It's a unique time of the year, maybe even the calm before the storm of the Christmas season?


Ok, I don't know about "great", but... I really had a blast offering ANY book. What was so fun (I'm gabbing about the Spooctacular) was seeing which books everyone wanted. I checked into all of 'em and found some great ideas for my own Wish List.  So... I'm doing it again.  Any book from Amazon or the Book Depository for about $12 or so, e-books or paper or whatever.

I want to know which book you want to win, even if you change your mind by the time I announce the winner on the 12th.  And I'd really love to know why!  (That's not "required".)

Requirements:  Follow (if you can on Google) and COMMENT, just one entry per person (and be at least 13 or go find someone who is). I thoroughly enjoyed checking out everyone's blogs, you can make it easy on me by letting me know where you are (Also not "required", but fun for me!)

Happy Entering!!!!

Oh... leave me an email address to reach you at, too.  Thanks!