Thursday, November 3, 2011

I am Grateful for 2 Things Today (for starters)

#1 - This incredible Giveaway. Beth Revis went all out on this one... signed books and swag.
To enter we need to share the book we're most grateful for, which is

#2 - The Blue Sword by Robin McKinley
This is the book that gave me courage to face the unknown, to be accept being me and dream as big as I dared, AND wait for a "great" husband. It has everything a girl could want:  a gorgeous horse, an impossible situation and plenty of courage. (And really long hair.)
(As for the obscure November Meme I found randomly... I've read this book WELL over 3 times.)

(I grabbed some Fav's off the shelf)

It's really, really hard to stop at one book or Favorite Series... I loved the Narnia books. I gave a speech in 9th grade about my "vacation" to Narnia. But that led me to The Princess and the Goblin & The Princess and Curdie. Talk about a TREASURE! (Um... not as in "Disney", either.)  I read most of the Silver Brumby books, too, if I go back further.  :-)  If I don't stop, I'll keep going all day.....