Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Spooctacular Winner!

I have a winner for the Spooctacular Giveaway!!

(I had been meaning to shuffle all the entries and video the random choosing. I printed and cut up all the entries and found a cool container, shaking it as I cleaned the kitchen after yesterday's party (big birthday day). I had it ALL figured out except the part where I actually do the video-ing and uploading. Do I use my phone and text it to myself? Is u-tube the best way? Should I put on some nice clothes?! We're kinda casual here in the fine, damp Northwest. This is just a lot to consider. I'm going to give myself exactly three minutes to figure it out... or just draw a name. It would be so cool if you could see this box, tho... it's one of those boxes that look like books to hide treasures in, like Giveaway Entries. It's part of my Treasures from Grandma. She hid cancelled bank checks in it and the box still has that delicious "Grandma" smell that I rarely get to enjoy, but never can forget. Wait... I'm using up my minutes.  Hang on.)


Ok... this is just funny.  Luckily for everyone, no one has to actually WATCH that. But... the results are in.... DRUMROLL PLEASE...........  (or not)

Brendajean is our winner!!! 

Thank you to all participants of my very first ever Giveaway (and attempt at Vlogging)!  brendajean, you'll be receiving an email from me shortly!! You have three days to verify your book choice and where your preferred provider is, etc, etc... and I can't help hoping you're sticking with Crossed, 'cause I so want a copy myself! Great pick! I'll save entries and redraw if I don't hear response by the weekend.  Have a great one!