Monday, November 28, 2011


We have a winner for the Giveaway Hop!!

Thank you to everyone who participated! I read all the comments & I'll visit everyone's blog (sooner or later) & follow you back!!

Before announcing the winner, I sort of need to transcribe this video 'cause I got to talking faster & faster... I wished Giada M. a Happy Birthday and read ladyvampire's comment, which was a really fun with all kinds of juicy details. Coreena McBurnie, my NaNo has gotten buried in Too Busy. I have the full book in my head, though, so I'm not giving up even after November is over. Thx for asking! Squeak, we love your name!! Dash was helping me fold all the little pieces of paper & you had him cracking up. Denise Z, you got me huntin' down Eve with that comment "I was able to watch a VLOG with the author of Eve that completely turned me around from ambivalent to itchy fingers wanting to get hold of it"  Love your enthusiasm!! Loved all the book suggestions, thanks!!

Thanks to all for commenting and following my blog!!

With no Further Ado, the winner is......................


You wrote: "The Girl of Fire and Thorns looks good"!

I'll shoot you an email & you have 48 hrs to get back to me... you can let me know if you still want this great pick!

The next Giveaway is only a few days away, and this one's sounding GREAT!