Thursday, January 19, 2012

Booking Through Thursday

Some of the funnest posts to read follow this Meme*, so I'm going to give it a go...

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saw this article the other day that asked, “Are you ashamed of skipping parts of books?” Which, naturally, made me want to ask all of YOU.
Do you skip ahead in a book? Do you feel badly about it when you do?


Answering this question is not really fair. If I was ashamed to skip parts of books, wouldn't I (logically) more more ashamed of admitting that I skipped parts of books?

Here's the thing... different books beg to be read at different speeds. (I don't know about you, but I communicate with 'em, I guess.) Some books require attention to plot detail, but don't necessarily grab my interest in the way they're written. When I read every word on the page, I lose interest and set the book aside, which... is no big deal if, say, it's not a NetGalley request that I feel obligated to follow through on, for example.  *ahem*  And what if (hypothetically) time was running out on my request and the book really deserved the Review even if I can't make myself, uh, read every word? What then?  (Request another 55 days? Joy.)

I call it "skimming", not "skipping" (sheesh!)  I leap from chapter to chapter and skim for meaningful parts while getting the gist of the action, the core of the conflicts, the best of the book (in a bare-bones sort of way) without.... setting it aside or, uh, slogging through the delivery.

Sometimes (hypothetically speaking) I request a book without paying close attention to the age range, for example, and what may be thrilling for my 5th grader just isn't pulling me in.  Is that the fault of the book?  Or the rapid-fire NetGalley requesting finger?

So, my answer is YES!!!!!  I admit it!!!  Sometimes I SKIM parts of books!!

I do feel badly, but it's better than ignoring a maybe-really-good-to-somebody, book!**

And... I do get a decent overview so I know whether I want to get it for my 5th grader. Hypothetically.

BTW... the article this question links to is very interesting (if you're not skimming my post here and want to consider this question for yourself.)  And to answer his question, I don't think e-readers make a difference, I really do think the book itself dictates whether I'll read every word or skim. And I agree with Maugham about enjoying what I read. I think "enjoyment" is, all by itself, one of my Main Goals.

Now, what about you?  Do you skim?  Please answer confidently.  I can hardly hold it against you having admitted to it myself.  

Meme  (from Booking Through Thursday's "About")meme n (mëm): A unit of cultural information, such as a cultural practice or idea, that is transmitted verbally or by repeated action from one mind to another. From the Greek mimëma, something imitated, from mimeisthai, to imitate.

Ha!!  Another great Term for my List!!!

**Bold and italics provided for skimming blog-readers.  You're Welcome!!  jajajaja