Saturday, February 11, 2012

IMM - Salon Sunday

Welcome In My Mailboxers & Sunday Saloners!!

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I'm still checking my various files, nooks, crannies and corners and finding books-books-books!!  I'll have to figure out where I got 'em and what exactly I said I would do with 'em. I'm guessing "review". Hey... at least I'm finding 'em, right?!

I noticed a lot of posters are listing which number of IMM's they're posting. This just make me feel unorganized.

I'll shut up while I still have some personal dignity. "Some people" are organizationally challenged, Ok?! And sometimes those same people are also alarmingly indecisive AND professional procrastinators.  Or.... "Artists"!!  *ahem*

I believe I have these books to review:

Heart of Gold Heart of Gold to review for Booksneeze.

I found this lurking on my Kindle-for-PC [along with some Hollow Readers books I accidently downloaded (which I won't list 'cause that was unintentional book accumulation. Hey... Books love me! What can I say?!)]:

I have the distinct impression that Coral Russell listed this as "FREE TODAY ONLY" on LinkedIn, or something, and my fingertips spazzed convulsively in response to sudden inspiration. "What If...?!" But the lightbulb has passed on and I don't know what my plan was (besides finishing something worth publishing, of course).  In case you have spazmadic fingertips, too, I give you a quick link to download this onto your Kindle for only $.99. What a deal!!!  (?)

I heard a RAVING report about Brightest Kind of Darkness... and it was only $.99 on Kindle AND Nook, so... yea. It's mine, now!!

Brightest Kind of Darkness   

I know... I should control my fingertips AT LEAST to what I can read in a week. It's obnoxious. Or delicious. I'm undecided (see "alarmingly indecisive".)

On the days I thought it was delicious, I ordered these beauties, too... I blame I Am A Reader, Not A Writer for posting so many Great Deals.

$4.99 on Kindle and Nook

FREE on Kindle or Nook

$2.99 on Kindle or Nook

This has been quite a week... not just for accumulating great books, but for posting, too. I started a page to collect Pinterest List of Book Bloggers, which is cool. I'm adding anyone I find.

I started two Giveaways:  

The Follower Love Hop where I asked the very personal question of "Are You In Love?"  You wouldn't believe the answers coming in (or I suppose you could read for yourself)... I responded to whether Johnny Depp counts on Thursday.

I'm also giving away a copy of Shannon Hale's newest book, Midnight in Austenland in e-format as well as Forest Born in hardcover.

(I have more to give away this week... very exciting!)

On Wednesday the Trailer for Don't Breathe a Word was released. I've had so much fun being on Holly Cupala's street team. She is so generous and so nice, I'm quite beside myself about taking part!!

I reviewed some books:

There was Above World by Jenn Reese and Midnight in Austenland, of course.

I finished Replication and The Giver, so those reviews will be posted this coming week.  I started A Great and Terrible Beauty... and then one on my Nook, 'cause I can't read regular books in the dark without a light and I like reading in the dark... Untraceable.

MEANWHILE... Dash made a 3-pt shot in his basketball game, Trinity "traveled" to the Antarctica in 1st grade to study Penguins, Cam-shaft got the stomach flu in the middle of the night and shared it with the rest of us (please refer to needing to read in the dark - "distract me, please!!") and Bear finished the third book in the Warriors Power of Three series and started Eclipse (#4).

Cool, Man outdid us all by finding a seriously awesome deal on a Frame Rack for the bodyshop and selling an obscene amount of stuff on ebay. Isn't it beautiful?  No?!  Take my word for it... this baby is supposed to bring in the collision work needed to keep me playing on my book blog all day, so it's GORGEOUS!!

I leave you with this nonsensical thought which I have no idea what it means... anyone?

Thanks for stopping by!!!  Come back again soon!!
Happy Sunday!!!