Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Suspended Moment

Surely this exists somewhere...but where?I feel suspended above "everything" as I try to organize myself.

I've admitted that I live randomly. I don't pretend to be organized (deliberate, maybe, but rarely on purpose.) I found a great quote about Indecisiveness, which has nothing to do with this subject, and Procrastination, that does, and they're so perfect.  I can't remember how they went.

Maybe I'm not hovering... maybe I'm just lost.

Books ... this is exactly how they work!Here's the thing... books are the Best. New books, old books, books with book smells and digital copies that glow in the dark, they're all amazing and I love, love, love books!!!

Book Blogging is almost as exciting as Books.  We get to talk about books and share great books and give great books to each other. :-)  It's fun!

When I started blogging... I did not have a TBR pile.  Every book on my bookshelf was a familiar friend. The local library was busting at the seems with more friends. But back then, it took forever to research books and add a few to my Wishlist. Does anyone remember Before Blogging?!  Back when books were mysterious and poofed into existence out of nowhere?!

*ahem* Well, that's what they do. They POOF!  Or... they did, I mean.  Now I see them building momentum before the publishing date. I see preview copies and pre-publication reviews.  The book world has exploded right in front of me in slow motion, dazzlingly beautiful and so, so huge, bigger than I'd ever imagined.
Book Magic
*stares into space for a time*

I tried to clean up my in-box today. I knew I'd rec'd some requests to preview books from some authors and publishers, but I didn't realize how many. Chatting with Krazy Book Lady, I was inspired to start a spreadsheet... which...

Let me rant about Spreadsheets for just a moment.  I mean, take something delicious, like chocolate, and dump on some vitamins and minerals and roll it in healthy raw seeds, or something, and it's not so yummy anymore. Take pleasurable reading and explain it on a spreadsheet and suddenly it becomes "work".

Old books - I feel like they contain a trace of every soul that they've touched, and that makes them magic.Well... for me, anyway. I'm a bookkeeper by day (you don't have to laugh so loudly!! Unorganized random dreamers like myself can fiddle with numbers!!)  So spreadsheets look like Monthly Profit & Loss Statements.  Don't get me started on Taxes... it's that time of year, you know, and I may SPAZ!!

MusicAs I was saying... reducing my beautiful books onto something where I can see what I agreed to read next is... well, it's more organized, sure, but it's also overwhelming.  HOW DID I GET SO MANY BOOKS?!  It doesn't help that I had to stop at the library and pick up books for Bear and got sucked into the YA section and could barely carry the assortment I left with... OR that a box of books arrived in the mail from Uniquely Moi's book sale (yay!)

*deep breath*

Suddenly so many things make so much sense.

BooksTBR piles?  I can barely see through 'em.

Reviews waiting to be posted?  I'm dizzy with pdf notes flying everywhere.

Sure I'm more organized... but now I don't have time to refine my initial thoughts after reading A Great and Terrible Beauty. Sure I interviewed the kids on the books they just finished, but I've run out of time to post 'em. Sure I stayed up late last night finishing Eden's Root, but my thoughts are multiplying before I get a chance to let 'em out!!


But wait... did you notice I passed 900 Followers?!  *hehehehe* I noticed!!  I invented a new butt-wiggle dance to celebrate!!  (It's not cool. I won't be youtubing it any time soon.)

reading #books*sigh*

It's just all so awesome. I'm having so much fun, I can barely squeeze in any more!!  I'd draw a winner for the recently finished Giveaway, but two more end tomorrow and the dogs are hungry (not to mention the kids!) and I can't write another word... so hopefully... more tomorrow. If you don't hear from me, I'm curled up somewhere reading a book!!!!

(Pictures all from my Books-Books-Books Board on Pinterest. :-)