Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Waiting on Wednesday - Stengl

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While meandering around, I happened about this author: Anne Elizabeth Stengl, and her series of books, which are all so beautiful!!  Moonblood comes out soon, in April. Starflower comes out in October.

I like the covers... I like the premise... I'm totally curious about this entire series!!!

by Anne Elizabeth Stengl

Expected publication: April 1st 2012 by Bethany House Publishers

Desperate to regain the trust of his kingdom, Prince Lionheart reluctantly banishes his faithful servant and only friend, Rose Red. Now she is lost in the hidden realm of Arpiar, held captive by her evil goblin father, King Vahe.  
Vowing to redeem himself, Lionheart plunges into the mysterious Goldstone Wood, seeking Rose Red. In strange other worlds, Lionheart must face a lyrical yet lethal tiger, a fallen unicorn, and a goblin horde on his quest to rescue the girl he betrayed.  
With the Night of Moonblood fast approaching, when King Vahe seeks to wake the Dragon's sleeping children, Lionheart must discover whether or not his heart contains courage before it's too late for Rose Red...and all those he loves.

by Anne Elizabeth Stengl
Coming October 2012

When a cursed dragon-witch kidnaps lovely Lady Gleamdren, Bard Eanrin sets boldly forth on a rescue mission . . . and a race against his rival for Gleamdren's favor. Intent upon his quest, the last thing the immortal Faerie needs is to become mixed up with the troubles of an insignificant mortal. 
But when he stumbles upon a maiden trapped in an enchanted sleep, he cannot leave her alone in the dangerous Wood Between. One waking kiss later, Eanrin suddenly finds his path entangled with that of young Starflower. A strange link exists between this mortal girl and the dragon-witch. Will Starflower prove the key to Lady Gleamdren's rescue? Or will the dark power from which she flees destroy both her and her poet rescuer?
The first two in the series:
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Summer 2010    Summer 2011

It's been awhile since I read a good book about dragons, I think.

Do you have a favorite DRAGON book?!