Wednesday, February 29, 2012

We are Winners, all of us!!


This Leap Day is a BIG DAY for my wee bloggin' self!!  I arrived at that prestigious (highly debatable) milestone of 1,000 Followers!!

(ie: do GFC followers "count" anymore? I should keep closer track of Linky's and Networked Blogs, or something. Why did Google have to mess with our counting system in the first place? Well, why do we count?!  I texted my husband with this important news. He replied, "Yippy". )

My PhotoGFC Follower 1000:

Comment from Leap Into Books hop:

Kali S  My all time favourite series is The Dark Tower series by Stephen King. Holy frig. It's amazing! My second favourite is The Hunger Games

Kali, I'm giving you a $5 gift card to Amazon or B&N. I know it was sheer luck you were #1,000 and not your fault, really, but it's a big deal to me.  :-)

I want to continue to celebrate my readers. If you follow Colorimetry, you're automatically entered to win.  This will be somewhat less random. I'll be picking names I see a lot, readers who comment often.

Starting with Natalia over at Dazzling Reads... I think you were the first person who followed my blog who was not a relative (or, more accurately, my sister, who followed me with multiple personalities so I'd have more than two followers).  Natalia, I love your hyper-enthusiastic character!  Every time you comment I feel on top of the world!  :-)  $5 gift card is not a lot, but there's a lot of "thank you" behind it!!  (I got my Wow idea from your site this week. Thx!!)

My Photo
Tiffany at Book Cover Justice - you have commented the most since the beginning. I remembered seeing your tree pop up all the time and thinking, "cool tree!"  You are very kind and thoughtful and I love your book reviews!! This random $5 gift card is not fancy, maybe, but it's not random, either. Thank you!!!

For a start... it's nice to stop and appreciate someone from Now and two someones from the Beginning. I appreciate everyone in-between, too. I notice who responds as soon as my posts go up and who makes sure to drop by or shoot me an email when I miss something!  :-)  I have plans! *rubs hands together gleefully*

But first... onto today's business:

I've enjoyed the angel answers from the YA Paranormal Giveaway Hop. I was nervous about irritating my awesome readers by using so much Bible AND being so irreligious at the same time, and happily I only ticked off a few.  PHEW!  Ok, maybe no one got MAD, which might have happened if I stated more clearly that the Bible is soooo full of weird stuff.  Every time I read it I get tons of writing ideas. TONS. (Or "tonnes" to the other English-speaking population, as I learned in my pre-version of Embrace. (which is being reviewed tomorrow!!!!)) I don't get ideas listening to "those who know" explain "what the Bible says", mind you... that's another thing altogether. (Do I detect a pet peeve?!)

Beautiful visuals from Colorimetry Readers:

Tiff Pull  I think i would like to look similar to this angel. I would like to add some purple to my wings though. 
Hauntingly beautiful!!! I love the knife - is that a knife?!

IdentitySeeker  And, as you can see by my posture, I'd be totally agile and kickass. A sexy guardian angel to a hunky, charming guy- oh yes, that's me! *wink*

Love it. Especially the falling feathers!

amymccarty1985   What i would do would mostly be watch over my family and kick bad guys asses! :) I think that's what an angel does best! 

Yep. Couldn't agree more. Watch, protect... or else!!!  :-)

Well, we have a WINNER!!

Stephanie V!!!  

I grabbed this BEAUTIFUL picture off your Facebook page... which lead me to this other FB pg: Into the Woods, where it appears you're writing a story with some others on Goodreads?!


Can we all read it?!  Is it really about wolves and hot guys?!

You get to choose an ANGEL BOOK for your winnings. I'll email you to get your address and you've got 48 hours to get back to me.

This is neither here nor there, but I STILL haven't made myself a banner. By now I should pretend that it's intentional. I know what I want... I just haven't found the right pieces. You'd think any one of my very tech savvy relatives might have helped me by now, but reading and blogging is "just a hobby", you know, not as important as Important Things. Do you ever get that? Everyone thinks your latest obsession is "just for fun"?!  Just curious.