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Charity Hopping Around the World Giveaway

I have been eagerly awaiting this totally awesome blog hop...

Hosted by the amazing Kathy of I Am A Reader, Not A Writer,

KristinaMy favorite charity is very close to my heart so I am very happy to introduce all of my reading friends to my email buddy, dear friend and sister, Kristi, who lives in Mexico with her husband where she writes and produces Sunday School curriculum for the Latino world with their ministry, Pro-Vision or Los Ninos Cuentan.

Dwight & Kristi KraussMost Sunday School curriculum available through-out the American continent is translated from English with "gringo" subjects, supply lists, lingo & prices... which makes it very difficult to buy for kids in volume. Last year's big US-produced Vacation Bible School theme was on the great city of New York, The Big Apple. I'm sure that was a big hit in Venezuela. (Sarcasm intended!!)

Valiente EBV

Every year Kristi writes a Sunday School program for various age levels and a Vacation Bible School week... and they go on tour to share the programs with churches and teachers.


Her husband, Dwight, manages a print shop where they produce most of the supplies and package them. Their prices for the curriculum ranges from free... to the cost of the paper to produce it... to adding a little to cover shipping... or music CD's, etc, which they also produce. There's a lot available to download for free from their website, too. It's all in Spanish, of course.

Pro-Vision began about 7 years ago, so it's pretty amazing that...

 * Materials are being used in 6 countries
 * The Tour includes 24 conferences in about 6 months
 * Over 1500 churches use Pro-vision materials
 * Between Sunday School & VBS, over 100,000 children rec'd Pro-vision materials in 2011

Maestros Valientes Gira 2012Find & Follow:

I am pretty excited just to get the word out about what they have available. Even if my reader friends won't fall-off-the-couch excited about finding SS & VBS curriculum, someone may know someone who will see how amazing this is.

For one, they're as Indie-publishin' as ya can git, right?  Writing and publishing on their own, which is awesome. What's cool is when people who are struggling with teachin' kids suddenly find books for their class at $.10/kid - just what it costs to print the paper. Well... then it's REALLY exciting!

Anyone interested in information or donating to this great non-profit can email Kristi. For entering this Giveaway, you can get two extra entries for Liking Pro-Vision's Facebook page.

Available to win:

$15 Gift card - or your book of choice via The Book Depository.
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You must be 13 or older to enter, must be able to receive books from TBD. You do not have to follow my blog to enter this giveaway, although I'm much obliged!!  (See my giveaway rules on my About Me Page.) You do need to answer my Totally Awesome Question...

"To give is better than to receive", right? Giving to charities is one way, but sometimes money is not an option. There are all kinds of ways of giving, though. When we can, we help Pro-Vision 'cause we're dedicated to what they're doing. I also volunteer at the kids' schools some. And instead of buying the books I want... I buy books for lovely friends who win giveaways and then I try to win the books I want!!  (Ok... maybe I like the challenge, too!!)

I've been thinking a lot lately about setting money aside when I can, if I can, so I'll have something to give when something pops up... like to help a friend who's moving, or whatever.  You know?  Wouldn't that be cool?  I come up with my best ideas when dreaming about winning the lottery. Ha!

So my question is...

How do you give?
How would you like to give?

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