Saturday, March 10, 2012

Deadlines and Sundays

Welcome Sunday Saloners... I cannot believe it's already Sunday again.  Where did this past week go?!

I'm almost embarrassed to share my weekly haul with In My Mailboxers (hosted by the amazing Kristi at The Story Siren). I mean... as soon as I decide I must ABSOLUTELY not gather any more books in my TBR pile, I get lots.  I may be exagerating, but when I really want to read more than 10 books all at the same time and there's only one of me and Sundays keep comin' round so quickly... AND I still need to finish the business taxes THIS WEEK, it's a conundrum.

Are there any other businesses out there that put their taxes off 'til the week of March 15th?!  *ahem*  I usually get them done in January, the faster to spend whatever money I can get back in refund, but this year... well, it's just been a nasty-complicated year on the business end of things and I hardly need any motivation to procrastinate. Really... I'm a natural.  So, here I am lookin' down the barrel of half a week to get it all done. *gulp*

My favorite package this week came from an accidental contact with Orbit Books & Yen Press. It was one of those... "no, you got the wrong publisher for the book you're interested in, but how about one of these?" When I got over being so stupid as to mix up British and American publishers and their books, I saw this series. Would I like to catch up on the series to properly review the newest release?!  Um... WOULD I EVER?!?! 

Timeless (Parasol Protectorate #5)I rec'd Timeless for my Nook and these came in the mail. Don't hate me b/c I also got a copy of the new Manga of Soulless, too (just released March 1st). I'm so excited I can barely peak inside the pages... "barely". I managed a very small peak, however, which meant I had to start Soulless immediately. I mean, so much attitude and so much skill in dispatching the stupid vampire in the very first scene... how could I not start it immediately?!  TBR pile forgotten... I'm in too deep to stop now. *sigh*  It's really fun!!!

The Dawn Of AngelsThe thing is... I have books that need to be reviewed ASAP.  And I should have learned my lesson when March 8th arrived and I hadn't finished The Dawn of Angels, yet. It was CRAZY to finish the book as quickly as I could and then write up my review immediately for posting. C.R.A.Z.Y. That book was not the zippy read it looks like it would be on the cover. Nope. I didn't know if Kyra was dreaming or living if I skimmed at all, and the story twisted and turned in surprising ways, so it was hold-on-for-the-whole-ride-or-fall-off sort of a read.

I did not learn my lesson. I have this idea that I read for fun and not for reviewing. I know, weird.


That's not the only way I don't listen to myself (why anyone would is beyond me!) On Wednesday I posted a wonderfully well-thought Tier to show books I love 'em. I called it The Book Love Tier and added cute book pictures from Pinterest. According to me, buying books at a resale event should be a last resort since it doesn't benefit the author. I forgot I was going to the mid-school Luau on Friday night, where they'd have a book sale.  It's all well & good to say "don't buy used books" when I'm not in the vicinity of any of 'em. It's a whole 'nother bucket of beez wax when I'm surrounded by books for only $1/each. It did NOT help that I was at Goodwill earlier, priming the pump, so to speak, so that buying books for $1 was just gonna happen unless someone duck-taped me to the wall, or something (and I'm a little old for hazing.) This priming I completely blame on Tiffany who posted Why I love Goodwill earlier this past week with an amazing haul. I am SO innocent!!!!!

Um... let me explain... the candles were won in the silent auction (yay!) and I forgot I already have a copy of The Lightning Thief. Lori Wick is an author a friend of mine reads... the ONLY author my friend reads. I've given up getting her to read any of my favorite books... I'll read one of hers (maybe) and then maybe we can have a book discussion.  (Oh, the reasons I blog!! Like discussing wonderful BOOKS with all you lovely people!!!!)

I've never read Water for Elephants, but I've wanted to and it was only $1!!! Madeleine L'Engle for $1?!  Plus I got a book on soccer for Dash and a Princess Barbie book for Trinity - they took off with them before I could get a picture. Six books for $5 plus a free travel mug.  I ask you again, how could I not buy books?!  If I hadn't been interrupted after gathering these together, I'd've spent $50 bucks there, so I suppose I was "rescued". I mean, I have no shelf space left. And it's not like we didn't "support the local school" with all kinds of silent auction wins. I'm not confessing any of that again... read yesterday's Interlude if you must.

I suppose this is a good time to admit to another box of books that arrived recently that I forgot to mention. I already thanked Uniquely Moi for her sale, so I didn't really need to show off my deals, did I?! Maybe not. But maybe somebody out there loves one of these is a book and thinks I should bump up my TBR pile!!! The Host & Wicked Lovely. Plus Graceling to share with a Reader in the near future!!!

One of this week's highlights was seeing some sunshine. Rare in Oregon in March. The sunshine brought out the lawn mowers and smiles.  While waiting for the bus we heard that distinct tapping that can only be woodpeckers. One of 'em posed for me.

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Have a great Sunday!