Monday, March 26, 2012

Have a cup of tea...

A cup of tea, a stack of books.....Welcome! Make yourself comfy! It's time for a little venting.

Today's tea is a delicious Assam, since Alexia brought it up in Soulless in my reading. A strange American scientist brewed some delicious tea on his chase while taking Alexia for a ride on a lovely afternoon, but I shall quote a more awkward tea moment in the vampire estate:
"Countess Nadasdy served the tea. Mess Tarabotti took hers with milk, Miss Dair took hers with lemon, and the vampires took theirs with a dollop of blood, still warm and poured out of a crystal pitcher. Alexia tried not to think too hard about its origin. Then the scientific part of her wondered what would happen if that jug contained preternatural blood. Would it be toxic or just convert them to human state for a certain lenghth of time?" Pg 88  Soulless
I am having my tea with cream & sugar. Usually I have it black, but sometimes a little sweet is nice.

First up for discussion is Reading Books.

Apparently my eyes are bigger than my stomach is when it comes to books.  I have accumulated a shocking amount of books in a short amount of time. I've been blogging for almost six months and I have more books to read than I can manage in the next six, and that's not counting all the ones I really want to read. Either I bury myself under my TBR pile, or I compromise my Reading Wants.

rosy cloud daffodilThis issue came up this past week (for me) because I was attempting to finish a book that wasn't holding my attention. It's not that it wasn't good - it was well written and complicated and anything I might ask for, but I kept wandering off doing anything-but-reading.  (This is not managing my reading time well.)

In my defense, it is Spring... and the sun came out and illuminated my obsession with piles. Oh, how I love piles. I have piles of every sort imaginable covering almost every available surface... all awaiting my decision of what I want to do with 'em.

Like these Lima bean seeds in a plastic baggie with a wet towel attempting to germinate so they can be planted by some little person. I ask you... what do I do with the wet Lima beans?!  If I throw them away, someone will ask where they are. I could chuck 'em out the window and say I planted them... it'd get the same results as if I actually planted 'em.  Hm... that might be a possibility...

Stacks of BooksAs for my TBR pile... I am going to communicate with those authors and publishers with delicious reads and ask if they wouldn't mind an Interview instead of a Review. Because, as in Monday's post on Candlewax, I love getting author insight on their book. It makes me want to read it more... and that ache of want is delicious. And who knows?  I'll be able to review it some day, right?

What about you? Are you keeping up with your TBR pile?  Are you accumulating more than you're reading?!  Do you have a plan on dealing with that?  Or are you building a library?!