Monday, March 19, 2012

"Spring Cleaning" Giveaway Hop


I don't have as big a backlog of books as many reviewers. I'm very selective about the books I buy or offer to review... so far, anyway! Which is easy for me to say since I only received my first ARC in January. Ha!

The books I'm offering are very specific, so I'll just list 'em with why I'm giving 'em away and which are USA only or available to win internationally. My shipping limit is about $10 anywhere.  Choose which ones you want to enter to win and I'll use a random number generator to pick a winner for each book.


1. Beastly
by Alex Flinn

This is from my pre-blogging bookshelf, so I haven't reviewed it. I'm a sucker for Beauty and the Beast stories and I loved the way this opened as a computer chat session. I thought it was "cute", which is why I'm willing to part with it. :-)

This book is possibly light enough to be shipped internationally.

2. Reverence 
by Jeanie LS Galster
New, signed - coffee spilled?!

I know... impossible, right? Spill coffee on a brand new book!!! Clobber me now!!!  Fortunately, you can see how well the coffee matches the cover. This book was new & signed by the author before I "loved" on it. And it's light enough to ship internationally. Probably. I'll double-check the winner's address just to be sure.  This book is available for someone someone who can review it and post in a couple places.

This story is short & told like a memoir that is anything but rational. :-)  I'll review it before the end of the giveaway.

3. Wellspring of Magic
by Jan Fields

Cute middle-grader paperback. Light enough to ship internationally.

4. The Eternal Sea
by Angie Frazier

This is for US only (sorry!!) as a thick, hardback, heavy book. This book is available for someone to review who can post at least two places. (Blog, Amazon, Goodreads, B&N, etc, etc.) It's NEW!!  I just can't get to it anytime soon!!  *sniff*

5. Start Something that Matters
by Blake Mycoskie

Fun hardback book about the TOMS shoe company & nonprofit.

6. The Rebel Wife
by Taylor M Polites

See my review HERE. This is a great historical novel that whiffs of Gone With the Wind. This is the only ARC I'm offering up. There's no requirements to review, although that would be cool!!  It's too heavy to ship internationally (sorry!!) I'm only willing to part with it b/c I know I won't reread it, not being a major historical buff type.

7. Halflings
by Heather Burch

Yay!! I wanted to share a new release from my collection!! Most of my books are still waiting to be read or older read-em-over-n-over's. I won't need to reread this book by October when Guardian comes out, so it's perfect! I just posted my review this morning, so check it out and enter to win!!!!  USA only (so sorry!!) unless someone wants to meet me with shipping. It's not super heavy for a hardback.

8. The Lightning Thief
by Rick Riordan

I guess I have two copies.  Oops!!  This paperback is well-loved. Not sure I should even list it... but hey, maybe someone hasn't read it out there, you know?!  Even this book can be read another time or two before being retired into book art!!