Saturday, March 3, 2012


Epilogue was kind enough to tag me (thx, Lauren)

The Rules:

1. Answer the questions that the tagger set for in their post.
2. Create 11 questions for the people you tag to answer.
3. Tag 11 people and link them to your post.
4. Let them know you tagged them.
5. Include these rules and the person who tagged you in your post.

I looked over the questions and they're perfect for my up-comin' reviews. (How'd she know?!) So I thought I'd hand out some delicious tidbits of information... and then survey 11 more lucky people.  :-)

My answers:

1. How long have you been blogging? Do you remember why you started?
I started going crazy in the book bloggin' world on October 6th.  I started blogging for very specific reasons... and I suppose it's time to come out with it.
Drum roll please....
I want to write!!!  :-)  Shocking, right?

2. Choose one of your favorite books. Then, give it a new title and explain your choice. 
Sunshine... it's such a calm, unassuming title for such a violent book. What would I call it, though? Vampire Killer? Kidnapped by Vampires? Huge Cinnamon Rolls?!  You probably should not ask me to help name a book. Ugh.

3. What got you interested in books?
My dad. He read me Narnia and then bought me a small library that closed down. (Awesome, right?) I was ten.

4. Will you read eBooks? Why or why not.
Do. Lots. There's only so much shelf space, you know, but getting more books is a must!

5. What is the farthest you have traveled to get a book?
Um... I lived in England for a couple years (10 yrs old again) and I wanted my favorite books for my collection. I didn't "travel" to get 'em, but I had 'em shipped to me 'cause I couldn't find 'em anywhere here in the States. Treasures.

6. How would you describe yourself in one word?

7. If you couldn’t blog about books or writing what would your blog be about?
Oh... I had a Family Blog I just didn't know what Followers were. I had a Fairy Tale Princess blog where I made up stories about all the trouble Trinity got into in her 2's & 3's. I keep journals for the kids that are like letters to them about fun things they do. I'm starting a business blog for my honey - it's my second attempt at a bodyshop blog. Getting into guys' heads about cool car stuff is a bit of a challenge. *cough*

8. What is one thing most people wouldn’t know about you?
Most of these answers. I don't have a tattoo.

9. What genre do you avoid at all cost?
Erotica. I guard my relationship with my man viciously. All creative lovin' is reserved for one place and I don't share that with books or anyone/anything else. Ever. *blush*  Good stuff there. That's comin' up again when I review Vanish. Soon.

10. Do you listen to music while you read? What kind?
No. I keep it quiet when writing or reading on my own. It's really loud around here. Like... full-volume throbbing tunes for a run around the house... or four kids complaining about finishing homework all at the same time... or an impromptu viewing of The Godfather - it's on again all weekend in all of it's deep glory. Are you watching?!  I can't help lovin' it!!!

11. Is it difficult for you to write a negative review?
Yes!!!!!  I really try to think of the author 'cause I wanna be one, you know?  If I didn't like their book, I really try to figure out why and find things I did like to balance it out. I don't hand out high ratings very often, though, either.

Which makes me want to add just how much I enjoy book blogging. *sniff* You guys are all so awesome!! You love books! You like to talk about books!! You get excited about the latest cover, the latest release, or a fav classic... I LOVE IT!!!!  I know it's the same for a lot of you, too, but my regular acquaintances and family and friends and everyone think I'm NUTS for wanting to talk about books this much.  :-D

My turn!!!!

I'm tagging the following 11... your answers will be inspiration for future blog posts!!!!  :-D  Consider yourself forewarned as you answer!!!  :-)

Valen, Valen Steel @ The Readers Heartstring
Danielle @ Mercurial Musings

What you lovely people have in common is that you soooo nicely commented on Colorimetry recently. THANK YOU!!  I'd love to learn more about you!!!  :-D

Your Great Questions:

1 - Give me your take on LOVE in YA fiction. Is kissing ok? More? How much more?!  (That's ONE question!!)

2 - What's your favorite part of a ROMANTIC relationship?!  (That's very different from question #1!)

3 - What paranormal creature would you like to read MORE of?  

4 - Who got you into reading?

5 - What was the first book you remember obsessing over the awesomeness of?

6 - Do you journal?

7 - Why do you read?  For fun?  For escape?  To make the train commute faster?!

8 - What is your favorite weekly blog Meme?

9 - What's a lesson you have learned blogging?

10 - What do you want to do next with your blog? 

11 - If you could be a character in one of your favorite books, who would you be?

PLEASE leave me a comment when you've written your answers so I can see 'em, read 'em, maybe exploit 'em a little (with your permission, of course!!)

To all other readers hopping by... pick a question and give me an answer!!  :-D  Future posts will be sooo interesting, I can't wait!!