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Author Interview and Giveaway Link - Alecia Stone and The Talismon of El

 Interview with Alecia Stone
author of Talisman of El

Talisman of El (Talisman of El, #1)
Harcover, 364 pages
Expected: May 20th, 2012 by Centrinian Publishing Ltd

One Planet. 
Two Worlds. 
Population: Human ... 7 billion. 
Others ... unknown. 
When 14-year-old Char­lie Blake wakes up sweat­ing and gasp­ing for air in the mid­dle of the night, he knows it is hap­pen­ing again. This time he wit­nesses a bru­tal mur­der. He's afraid to tell any­one. No one would believe him ... because it was a dream. Just like the one he had four years ago - the day before his dad died.Char­lie doesn't know why this is hap­pen­ing. He would give any­thing to have an ordi­nary life. 
The prob­lem: he doesn't belong in the world he knows as home. He belongs with the others.

This is one of those books in my To-Read pile that simply MUST get read!! When it became obvious that my appetite was bigger than... my reading time or speed or whatever, and I didn't want to WAIT any longer, it occurred to me that I might share some information and maybe direct from the author!!  I hope it's Ok... this sharing of my wanna-read-it list in such detail. I know everyone has plenty to read, but we can't let a good one slip by, either!!

With no further ado, allow me to welcome Alecia Stone to Colorimetry!!
  1. Where did the idea for Talisman of El come from?
Well, to be honest, I have no idea where the story came from. It sort of just happened - just popped into my head. I thank my lucky stars every day. It started with just the character of Charlie Blake. He appeared to me as a young orphan who had a story to tell, and we just took it from there. There have been two versions of Talisman Of El. When I first started writing the book in June 2008, it wasn't anything like what it is today. It was a completely different story. Fast forward two years later; I started on the second and final version of Talisman Of El, which is the story that is going to be released on May 20, 2012.

I will say that there were a few things that helped develop the story. I read an article a while back about a farmer who vanished in front of his two children and was never seen again. He just disappeared into thin air. I found the story fascinating, and it made me question a few things about the strange things that happen in the world - things no one seems to have an answer for. So, I took that thought and soon, the world of Arcadia was born. The story took on a life of its own. Writing this book has been a great adventure for me, and I hope readers will also enjoy the journey.
  1.  What is your favorite part in your book (w/o spoilers!!)?
For me, favourite means the part in my book I enjoyed writing the most. Without giving anything away, I would have to say my favourite part takes place in Arcadia, the other world featured in the story. It's a scene where my main character, Charlie Blake, encounters a group of Arcadians, who are rather intimidating yet fascinating at the same time. I loved this scene because we get to learn about these Arcadians and their world. I'm a great lover of mythology, so to be able to explore that aspect was an amazing experience.

Arcadians are very mystical beings, so I had fun writing about them and their culture. In this particular scene, as Charlie learns about the world of Arcadia, he starts to question certain things about his life and realises that some things just don't add up.
  1. Can you share something personal about you? Or something you wrote into your book that is about you?
Something personal about me ... I didn't particularly write anything in my book that's about me - well, not intentionally, anyway. Something people may not know about me is that I'm a mug collector. Seriously. I collect mugs. Don't ask me why. I don't know. People do strange things sometimes that they have no answers as to why they do it. I hardly drink tea, but I love mugs. I have a variety, all different shapes, and designs. So, if ever you want to have a tea party, I'd be happy to facilitate.

That is totally awesome!!!  Not to start any crazy fan fads, but I love mugs, too, and have way more than I can use in three weeks even drinking coffee and tea all day long!!  I would love to share pictures of your collection, if that's not absolutely nuts. (That does sound crazy. Sorry. Um... great answer!!)

Author Bio: 
Alecia Stone has been in love with anything and everything paranormal for many years. She grad­u­ated with a BA in Film & TV and has worked in tele­vi­sion for a short period of time before branch­ing out into storytelling. When she isn't writ­ing, she enjoys going to the movies, lis­ten­ing to music, and travelling. Talisman Of El is her first novel. She currently lives in England, UK.

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