Friday, April 13, 2012

Connections... and DEALS!!!

I suppose I should entitle this post "Networking" - it's just such an over-used word.

The point is... when you have a personal connection to a business, you can recommend it confidently. And when I know someone personally who recommends me to a business they know personally... well... it's like I know 'em personally myself!!

There are a few contacts that I know like that... to share with my readers.

Of course, if you're ever in Oregon and need anything REMOTELY automotive, I'd be yer go-to girl. 'Cause I'd tap into my dearest Cool, Man's repertoire and git ya hooked UP!!  If he doesn't know someone personally that can solve any automotive question, he knows who does. Which is WHY he finds is so hugely entertaining to hang out (for fun) at the Northwest's largest Swap Meet all weekend, rain or shine.
PSM2010 (13)This is hilarous...  
I drove him to the PIR (Portland International Raceway) yesterday, so I have first-hand knowledge. 
For starters, the speed limit is 5 miles an hour, which feels fast with guys who step (or bike or scooter or golf cart) in front of my Suburban when obviously I'm sportin' a big block Chevy motor. Sure, I don't have fancy exhaust to rumble, but I do have ghost flames (wait, maybe that's the problem.) 
Anyway... so I'm motatin' at 5 miles an hour dodging people - men. We're not talkin' 25 or 100... no, I'm talking thousands upon thousands meandering around a huge race track completely zoned out as they check out WAY COOL car parts that line the track both sides. 
Car parts.  *___* 
I don't tell them that it looks like piles of scrap metal to me. Nope.  I'm vastly outnumbered.  The ghost flames along with our automotive shop sticker prove that I'm worthy to meander through their midst, but it's not wise to pick fights.

'68 Superbee restored by Vintage Paint, Body & Collision in Gresham, ORSo if your car breaks down in Oregon or if you are suddenly in the mood for one of those sweet classic rides that are more expensive than they look, shoot me an email. Yer in like flin.

If you want to take a missions trip to Mexico - for a life-changing experience with a little sight-seeing to the pyramids, I can get you hooked up for that, too.  I already introduced my sister, who's a working-resident near Teohtichuacan (or some such). But my dad also has a ministry and there's tons of experience with hookin' up youth groups or enthusiastic adults. Anyone can go build a building in Tijuana, right?  Try something different and put on a kids' camp outside of Mexico City DF, or something. You know?

I've got awesome relatives, 'cause my mo-in-law is the go-to person for resort vacations.  No joke.  All those people who got suckered into buying timeshares have weeks they can't make it to their resort, and they're looking to get someone to at least pay their cleaning bill. Since there's tons of different owners with tons of different weeks owned at tons of different locations, it's rather hectic to figure out where to go when for how much. 

"Nana" Trish is a broker between those owners and salespeople who sell those resort weeks at great prices.  She's a great connection if you want to get into the business of reselling weeks, 'cause the deals she finds are outrageously good (from long-time experience & connections). But if you're just looking to go to Cancun or Hawaii or something for a week... well, don't let her professionalism scare you off. She's finding incredible deals daily and she'll hook you up!! (The "Vacations" tab goes straight to her site.)

So, I already talked about clicking on Google Ads or purchasing books via each other's links to support other book bloggers, right?  Ever since I blogged about it, I've remembered to click much more often. Every Google Ad I see is a happy click for me. The only Google Ad that's hand-chosen by me is the Teavana one. The other Google Ads rotate through some mysterious plan of their own.! Save 10% on purchases of $30 or more & receive a Free Tea Sample! Use promo: TEA10OFF

If you need to order through The Book Depository, right now (thru tomorrow) is a GREAT time. They're offering 10% off everything. Even through book-blogger's links!!!  Oh yea!! 

10% Discount / APMA12 Coupon Code / Book Depository
 I just wanna order sumpin just to see if that's for real. They already have great prices!!

Description: Gone Reading
Book Bookmarks - Blowfish CharmGone Reading contacted me this week after I discovered them over at I Am a Reader, Not a Writer's site. Did you know they donate to libraries & reading-related charities?  Um... 100% of their profit!!!  That's nuts.  Even better, they have given me a code you can use through May 6th to get 20% off of anything on their site:  COLORIMETRY20 

(You're SOOO happy you know me, right?  Me, too!!!)

Bookplates - Three Tiny OwlsI bet you didn't know they had this blow-fish bookmark available, did you?!

I want these book plates.  They'd be fun to give away with books, don't you think?

The ads on the upper left & the lower banners are totally awesome links for handy places to buy books and tea.  (Tea being closely related to books in my mind).  I personally get tea from Adagio - I had to track down their affiliate program. :-D  The Christian Bookstore link is affiliated through me, too, even though I just put up "Daily Devotions". And, of course, Amazon & Barnes & Noble links are essential.

What Connections do you have?!  

'Cause I'd definitely go through someone you know before googling randomly!!