Thursday, April 19, 2012

Showers of Books

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Being from Oregon, I am intimately acquainted with "showers" (umbrellas... not so much). I wonder... how many words can we come up with that mean rain?!

"Showers of Books" sounds so delicious, doesn't it?!  I suppose it's symbolic of jumping around entering giveaways while it's raining outside?

Amazon KindleWhen I think of rain, I think of generosity. Kind of like, "the sun rises on the wicked & the just", rain falls on everyone whether I was hopin' for a good-hair day or not!!  The rain doesn't analyze where it's falling. It doesn't slide sideways to land on one rock instead of another... unless the wind tells it to.

NOOKFor this giveaway, I am dousing 5 winners with $5 Gift Cards. Anyone out of gift card rage, but still eligible for The Book Depository shipments will have to enter intense negotiations with me over how to claim their prize. Anyone ELSE (including moon-dwellers who should be confused by the concept of "rain", anyway) can opt for an e-book.  Clear as rain-drenched mud?!

My complete rules are listed under About Me and include the requirement of being old enough to win (13+) and how no one is eligible for harm because of my desire to host a giveaway.

My seriously awesome question is easy to answer with one word, in case you don't care to write a journal entry to me. (Although I read every one!!)  And, as always, any posting is considered an agreement to have your comments re-published on Colorimetry, unless you clarify otherwise. (Hint: creativity will be exploited!!!)

I really want to know...

How many words can we come up with 
that mean RAIN?!

Obviously the first 20 responders have an advantage!! Think of a word/phrase - or make up a new one - that hasn't already been used.  Muahahahahaha

(Kinda like a Flash-Answer Bonus, the first person can just say "rain"!!!)

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