Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Winningest Sort of Day


There have been a Giveaway or two... and announcements are due!!

And that rhymes!!!!

But it's not true!!

The Hoppy Easter Hop is still alive-n-kickin.

So... there's ONE winner to announce from the Charity Hop!!!

"I'd love to donate some clothes and some bucks to orphan house."
ME, TOO!!!

Asriani, you have won your choice of Gift Card or book from The Book Depository!!  CONGRATULATIONS!!

Let's honor a long-time follower Non-Randomly!!  YES!!!!

To find a very long-time follower, I actually do a little homework. There's an email address where everyone's comments go. To find this winner, I went WAAAYYY back to pre-historical days of 2011 and then "searched" that email account to see if this nutty commenter is still commenting.

I feel awed, slightly embarrassed and tickled-pink all at the same time to see that Kelly of Radiant Shadows has been around since the beginning!!  You're so kind & polite - not razzin' me over stupid stuff, which I present plenty of opportunity to do!!

Radiant Shadows YA Book Blog

You have non-randomly won the very small token of my HUGE appreciation of $5 gift card to somewhere.  Thanks for being awesome!

PS -  I still LOVE that picture - now in your banner - of that girl in the field... I totally want to BE her every time I see her!!


And THANK YOU to everyone following my blog!! 
 You are all