Sunday, May 20, 2012

Finding my Sunday Again

Welcome everyone!!

Sunday Salon is a FB gathering, where book blogger share the week's fun, or whatever. This week, I'm thinking about what I'm missing more than what I did!!

For the Fourth Week in a Row, I'm wandering around lost-ish wondering how to fix my craving! On one hand, I like Sunday's being sorta open & empty, hangin' with family. It's perfect. But there's this HUGE HOLE in my week. Typically I like to go window shopping and DROOL over everyone's new book arrivals!!

'meme' not 'meme'I did not realize how fun it was to visit everyone. And by "everyone" I mean book bloggers who are scooping up books I wish I had. Jajajajaja

Quite honestly, the last four weeks have clarified a few things for me. These Memes... they're a lot of fun. They make it easy to visit like-minded book bloggers. I enjoy all kinds of books and book bloggers... but I feel starved of getting an eye-full of delicious YA fantasy books

So... I've learned which Memes I cannot live without. (Didn't even know they existed eight months ago!)

Only, which one?! Stacking the Shelves? Sunday Post? Showcase Sunday?  Argh... While I think about it...

Here's my new arrivals:

   Won!!  Rose Daughter from Books Beside my Bed:

  Won!!!  Fade Out - signed book plus signed swag from Miss Vain - I serious screamed when I opened this:

  To Share:  Signed bookmarks & postcards for my review & giveaway of Becoming a Butterfly tomorrow. Mia wrote a sweet note, too. As for her book?  Come back for my review TOMORROW!!  :-D  The Blog Tour starts today, I do believe, at The Reading Nook.

Starcrossed (Starcrossed, #1)  PurchasedStarcrossed for $.99 on my Nook.  I'm not kidding. There are some really great deals this week. When I find these Amazon sales, I check B&N for my Nook.  I don't know how I only got one.

Here's what I WANTED to buy!!!

I've already read (and love) Jennifer's werewolf books, but they're only $1.59!  How does one say "no"?!?!  Geez... I'm talking myself into buying them.

As for the Meme... I'm going with Stacking the Shelves. She posted on Saturday, which suits me GREAT. I have some alternative ideas for Sunday, which involve reading and napping. :-D  And some blog visiting, of course. But Mondays, I'll have you know, always arrive with a BANG! and I can never seem to catch up 'til Thursday, when it's time to prep for the weekend and another pending Monday. That's just blogging, never mind work!!  (No really, I'd rather never mind work!)

Thanks to everyone hosting Memes!!  They're work, but so much fun to join in with!!

As for this past week... I've posted the giveaways in the left sidebar and the discussions -n- reviews on the right. What Do You Like In a Review? Survey will be posted for another 10 days, or so, and then we can chat about the results!!