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Interview and Giveaway - Thomas A Knight and The Time Weaver

The Time WeaverThe Time Weaver
by Thomas A Knight
Paperback, 306 pages
Published January 31st 2012 by DragonWing Publishing

It started with a car accident. 
What should have killed thirty-year-old Seth Alkirk, instead causes time to stop. He didn't know what was happening as he took in the frozen world around him. He didn't know why he was the only one who could move, or breathe, or see what was going on. But when a rift opened in the middle of the intersection, and a vicious twelve-foot-tall creature stepped through into his world, Seth did know one thing for certain... 
He had to run. Or die. 
Enter a parallel world where magic exists. Discover a kingdom in danger of being overrun by a massive army. And follow Seth as he discovers he is more than a human – he is a Time Weaver who can change the balance of the coming war, if only he can learn to control his powers in time.
"Many times I made false assumptions where the story was headed and was pleasantly surprised right up to the end.", "The story is constantly moving forward with a breath-taking pace." - Jeff Dawson, Review  
"Knight has raised the bar for other Fantasy writers." - Diane Franklin, The Helios Initiative, Review  
"I flew through this book quick 'cause I enjoyed it so much. I am ready for more." - Tim Moon, Review 
I am happy to welcome Thomas A Knight and his exciting book, The Time Weaver to Colorimetry!!  I don't know about you, but I'm intrigued by "time weaving" and I'm ready for a good time-stoppin' read!


 * How did you get the idea to write your book?

I'm a total pantser when I write, so my ideas just come to me. I draw from a very large creative pool though. I've spent the last 20 years playing pen & paper fantasy role playing games, video games, card games, and just being an all-round geek. My experiences fuel my ideas and the characters and stories take on a life of their own.
 * Do you have a favorite scene or character you can share?

One particular scene that I loved writing also includes my favourite character, Malia. Cedric the bard leads Seth and Malia to a cave to visit "an old friend" but doesn't tell Seth and Malia that only a Lyecian can enter the inner cave. Malia and Cedric are left waiting at a dead end for Seth to return, and are attacked by a pack of vicious Narshuks.
Malia and Cedric fight back the best they can, but there are too many of them, and they are being overrun. The scene is very tense. 

 * Can you tell us something personal about you? 

I like to sing, and dance. When I was younger, I used to frequent a Kareoke bar every week just to sing and have fun with friends. I haven't done much singing or clubbing since I settled down and had kids, but I wouldn't turn down the opportunity to go again if it was convenient. 

About the Author:

Thomas A. KnightThomas A. Knight has spent most of his life either immersed in or building fantasy worlds and bringing characters to life.

From Middle Earth, to the skies of Pern and beyond, no world is too great a challenge for him to conquer. His favourite places include a pair of worlds that spawned from his own imagination, one of perpetual light, and one of perpetual darkness.

When he is not living a life in one of these worlds, he is a husband, father of two little girls, software developer, and avid role-player. He grew up and currently resides in a small town in Ontario, Canada. He currently works as a software developer at one of the world's leading vinyl siding manufacturers.

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