Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mailbox Monday, What are you Reading?

Ok... my memes are getting all sloshed around and I don't know how to participate in all of 'em or keep them separated by day or hour or subject or something... or not.

I think Martha's Bookshelf is hosting Mailbox Monday in May... which is MARVELOUS!  (Gotta love M!)

And this past week was quite Merry for getting More books!!!

Yay!!!  Sweet Evil arrived!!  THANK YOU Kelly Vitollo!!!  (And the Mmmlovely SM Johnston who hosted the giveaway way back when!! Which research reminds me I also rec'd Sweet Evil Swag!!!  Oh yea!!)  (I've got it here somewhere...)

Sweet Evil

You know that super-awesome Fairytale giveaway hop last week?  I might have gone a little crazy entering giveaways... and I'm so happy to have one TWO!!  Ha!!!
Rose Daughter
by Robin McKinley
my favorite!!!

Won from Books Beside My Bed:

This is Karen's lovely giveaway decor, ogle with me!

And from Rachel Van Dyken:
The Ugly Duckling Debutante
The Ugly Duckling Debutante

For Review:
I'm hyper-excited about this book... 'cause it's from Edelweiss, which is Above the Treeline... (which does NOT make any sense!) which looks so simple and easy to request books from, but I always get denied and I've never figured out why... and then all of a sudden, this beaut arrived in my in-box. A YES!

The Sweetest Dark

A YES for me with mysterious billows of white and purple and a sleeping beauty and... okidoki!!

The weird thing is... New Arrivals have very little to do with what I'm reading.


Hence... the all-important Monday organizational...

It's Monday! What are you Reading?
hosted by Sheila @ Book Journey

Honestly, this meme is like an anchor telling where I'm at and where I'm headed. I know that sounds co-dependent. What of it?!  (And anchors aren't directional, their more like weights. What's wrong with my metaphors today?!)

Last week I finished Immortal Rules & Shatter Me - I know... how awesome is that?!  Plus a short story by Erin Hoffman that I actually reviewed already.

I started Under the Never Sky and Eve... and then on my Nook I began The Lure of Shapinsay. 'Cause it's not dystopian, if you must know.  And yes, I'm aware that I'm still in the middle of Changeless. And The Iron Daughter... except I have a feeling that I won't be able to put The Iron Daughter down, so I had to wait 'til after the book signing Friday to begin it or else I'd've never started Under the Never Sky and Eve, which I wanted to read.

And why is Changeless lingering so long, you ask?!  Humph.  I don't know!!!  It's that I can't review Soulless and that really bothers me!!!  What?!  Haven't you ever had a book whose review eluded you?!

Alright... CONFESSION TIME!!!  Which book has been the hardest for you to review this year so far?!

Go ahead, share!!  I might not repost your answer!!

Memorable Monday is hosted by Escape in a Book and we share memorable quotes we've found while reading.

And here's a quote from Shatter Me just in case you haven't read it, yet.
"For a moment we're just staring at each other, breathing hard until I'm blushing, until he closes his eyes and takes one ragged, steadying breath and I place my hand on his chest. I dare to trace the outline of the bird soaring across his skin... 'You're my bird,' I tell him. 'You're my bird and you're going to help me fly away.'"
Ah, the significance of the bird, the bird they never see flying anymore. *sigh*