Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Oh, yes.

I'm outa here... takin' an impromptu vacation. I think it serves me right for posting how I had "so much to do" yesterday. Having a deliciously busy schedule is a LUXURY!! I will not forget that (for a few weeks, at least) if I can get my computer up and running again.

Oh, yes.

It's full mayhem over here... I ran down to my husband's shop to send a few emails. You know, see if I can actually post something. While trying to save my crashed computer. Crashed. Burning... explosive mess.

Not really. I'm being dramatic. It's just giving me a blank screen and bleeping at me like I should be happy about that. I'm not. Happy about that.

I'm wondering if I should panic.  I have a computer wiz for a brother, so he's keeping me posted on how far up and down I should be on the Panic Scale dependent on what's happening. I'm trusting him, 'cause I'm illiterate about that stuff. Oh no... this computer doesn't have spell check. What sort of dinasour is it?!?!  Aaack!!  Did I spell that right?!  I'm outa here before I embarrass myself. More.