Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Showers of Spring Winners!!

There are SO MANY GREAT WAYS OF SAYING RAIN, I had to share!!  Which is time-consuming, which invites procrastination, so...this is late & there you go!!  :-D  My excuses!!

WINNERS of the Showers of Books $5 GC's are:

Sharmaine C who won with her comment:
"Rain is ulan in Filipino. Thanks for the giveaway!"

please, oh, please see below for all the ways to say RAIN!!!!  :-D

I had a blast with the Spring Fling hop... sooo many encouraging pictures and poems and nice thoughts... I simply HAD to get better. I still have a nasty cough leftover, if you can believe that!!

The Winner, who has to choose yer own prize, is...

And the giveaway for Jade, Jacqueline Gardner's brand new book is finished as well!!  Woop!!


I will be emailing all the winners shortly.

I won't post too many winning-announcement posts anymore. Oh, I'll quote everyone without warning, and turn some comments into entire posts!!  But I'm not so organized that I can keep up with all this excitement and talk about it, too. It's more important the Winners get their cool prizes than I come up with witty things to say about it. So... that's my announcement. NO MORE ANNOUNCEMENTS!!

Thx Cayce

"Spring is when you feel like whistling even with a shoe full of slush."
- Doug Larson

 Photo: Lupine bloom on top of California's Point Reyes beach landscape
thx, Tina B

Wishing you a bright sunny (no brain foggy) spring filled with lack of allergies, fresh breezes and winning lottery tickets :)
Nice!!!  And to all of us!!!  :-)  Thx, Brenda Callahan

Agnieszka Nashi, I had to laugh!!

 How about baby polar bears sniffing pretty flowers? 
I'm sorry, Tiffany Drew, Wha?!

Happy 10th Anniversary, Dynie!!!

Bunny flower om nom nom
Lol... does this bunny post eating a dandylion?!  thx, Carrie!!

Roses are red, violets are blue, your blog rocks and so do you! :D

Oh, yea!! That cheered me up, Shainers, thx!!!


Hilarious, Amanda. This one didn't come across my email properly!!  I just found it! Thx!!

There's more... check out all the cheery comments HERE!!!

On to RAIN!!!
These are literal comments. I quote:
  1. Rain, showers, downpour, cats and dogs, pouring. That's all I can think of while making dinner. lolAngel tears.Hmm..precipitation, drizzle, and sprinkling are all I can add! * It has been raining a lot in England the last few days :( It's spitting rain is something I say or drizzling * Deluge and liquid sunshine:) I like liquid sunshine because it's so true - all plants need rain in the spring to bloom. * 'Pair 'em up Noah' downpour!pouring buckets or pluie (french) Agua is water in Spanish so that's pretty close! * mist, wetting, drizzle, condensation, water-fall, clouds leaking, sprinkling.... yea, I'm out... * Bucketing it down, or p-ing it down are two that we use quite frequently in my part of the world.I'm in England though - I think, if anything, we should have about a million different expressions for "it's raining" :PI like the saying, "Don't rain on my parade." Words meaning rain ~ liquid sunshine (my favorite), cloudburst, storm and most of the others are already above. :) * Sometimes it rains so lightly, I call it 'Misting'. * Sprinkles~ Thats a exprecion I use for Lluvia por la Tarde: like, when the clouds open a little just when the sun if falling in the horizon & the all-golden light reflects in the droples of water scatered 'round, so everything is sprinkeled golden & fresh & beautiful. Also, when I was little I used to think that rained when angels, gods or death people watered their plants! Jajaja, I know, wierd, but I swear it made all the sense in the world then, since in La Paz summer is 50-C-degrees hot, with warm rain. Plants in heaven must had been thirsty.Ame - Japanese for rainIt's raining men! Love that song cause I would love for some hot men to fall out of the sky. Don't really know any other words for rain that haven't been mentioned. * pouring! * Devil's beating his wife- When It's lightening and raining while the sun is shining brightly. A sunshower or sun shower is a meteorological phenomenon in which rain falls while the sun is shiningIt's spritzing on the mountains:)Pluie - French word for rain. :) * It's pouring, the clouds are crying, not snoring Lame I know, but at least I tried - At least I didn't use the same old "the heavens cried." * Phonetic spelling in English "motur" which is rain in Arabic :) * Das ist eindeutig regen. German for "Well, it's officially raining." Regen = RainTorrent, or torrential downpour, volley. I remember mizu is Japanese for water but I can't think what rain it at the moment. * "Hujan" is "rain" in Indonesian :)la lluvia in Spanish * Showers! We get those a lot here :) * Heavy Dew * Déšť is the czech word for rain * Drops, drips,tropical moisture, Let the rain kiss you, Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops, Let the rain sing you a lullaby, The rain makes still pools on the sidewalk, The rain makes running pools in the gutter, The rain plays a little sleep song on our roof at night, And I love the rain. :-)Reën is Afrikaans for Rain; Did you know that the phrase "It is raining cats and dogs" comes from the middle ages. They would have thatched roofs and the domestic animals (cats and dogs) would lie atop these roofs for the heat (i guess it would have to be a winter rainfall area where this originated then) and when it was raining heavy enough these animals would then slide off the roofs i.e raining cats and dogs..... literally! There is a lot of word in french ( belgian) to express all the differend kind of rain^^:: so just a few: Bruiner ( verb); La drache ( noun - strong rain); un crachin ( noun); une ondée (noun); une averse ( noun)Sleet or teardrops from Heaven :D * Showers, pouring - it's all we seem to get at the momentBarish (Hindi), Barsaat (Hindi) * sprinkling * Shower.pissing * Cloud Melt!Rain to me means something falling...like leaves, water, books, love...anything! liquid sunshine - LOVE that synonym of rain!! * Money!! We live near a bunch of lakes and the rain keeps them full which brings in business. :)The sky is spitting * the skies are cryingIn Flemish: Regen. :) * Regn - Danish word for rain :)Precipitating! :) * I say drizzle? * Columbus Sunshine. * Pitter patter of little feet? :o); My dad is Spanish, and if there is a light rain, he says that it is "cheesping". * In Bangla: Rain-> Meg Lapli is Haitian Creole for rain :) * ploaie=rain in romanian :) I am from Romaniapiove in italian; earth milks the skyclear, wet, moist :) At times light, and at times heavy! * I think this...дождь means rain in russian. * I'm also in Oregon and and sometimes there's just "wet air" too dense to be fog but not heavy enough to be a mist.Rain, Rain Go Away Come back some other day! cats and dogs! * Shower, drizzle, storm, spitting, pouring downpour, angel tears,deluge, misting are all I can come up with. The phrases that come to mind are "It's raining cats & dogs", "The devil is fighting his wife", and "Angels are crying". * spanish - Lluvia * βροχή (vrochi) -- Greek for Rain. * Most of the English words I know about rain are said, so I will offer you something else:  vihm = rain  Now you can guess which language it is."The water cycle is continuing! Who said we're lacking water?!" Yes, a direct quote! xDMisting. It's not quiet a sprinkle yet just sorta misting. Ame = Rain in Japanese =) * no chance of rain (which has been our forecast for over a year) * God's urination * One of my friends from college and I used to call it "plipping" when it was a bit heavier than a drizzle, but more sporadic than actual rain :) Rain in polish is deszcz! Too much rain is za dużo deszczu. We get too much rain in Florida.Deluge (I was listening to an audio book earlier and the reader pronounced it really oddly). *In Filipino, "rain" is "ulan." * "Ame" <--Japanese * Downpour Pioggia= rain in Italian ; Fa l'acqua a catinelle= it's raining cats and dogs; Diluvia= heavy rain"Ulan"..Pilipino word..:) Being formerly from Michigan, I'm going to go with 'thin snow'. Every inch of rain equals 10 inches of snow...just be glad it is rain! * Lol, het regent pijpestelen, is Dutch, for heavy rain. Miezer is another word for when you can't really say it is raining, but it not really dry either. * i am seriously in disadvantage here.. i'm number 70+.. Rain = Bi (in korean), Yǔ (in chinese), pluvia (in latin), regen (in dutch), pioggia (in italian), F̄n tk (in thai), mvua (in swahili) * Rain Kissed! * My father always said-It is raining cats and dogs!! * Sunshowers; It's a grand soft day - Irish; It's raining old women and sticks - Welsh The sky is crying.... * How about, it's drip-dropping outside? A creative way of saying it's raining, I hope? * Дождь, ливень is rain in Russian :)  * Dribble, Drencher, Monsoon * The clouds have opened, pelting, rainfall, Scotch mist, * 雨 The character for rain in both Chinese and Japanese, but they have different pronunciations. Ame(あめ) in Japanese and Yǔ in Chinese. kinda hard this late in the game lol BUT I'll toss in AINRA ... pig latin for rain hehe * der Regen = rain in German * Cloud Drippings * The angels are crying. * I would call it cat-and-dog weather. * Gods tears. Regenen is the Dutch word for rain. The Portugese word is chover or chuva. Pissing down is another one I have heard from some old gentlemen down here in the south! * Heaven sweating from its labors. Earth cleansing. soft crystaline peltings, watery diamond sheets * Well all the English words I know are already said so I'm going to give you the Bulgarian word for rain and that is: "Дъжд". * April showers bring May flowers. God's spitting us (and bowling when there's thunder). The sky is falling... * dewdrops from heaven... * Lietus - that's 'rain' in Lithuanian:) * Evaporation in reverse. * Alright, I see you got "deszcz" which means rain in Polish. What about drizzle? It's "mżawka" in Polish. Or maybe a downpour? It's "ulewa". :) * How about cloud sweat? would that be re-vaporation? LOL * Wet stuff * Liquid Life that Falls from the Sky? Not sure if anyone else said that but I got tired of reading all the comments lol. * Cloudburst! haha It's a synonym, I looked it up :) * How about a Torrent? I can only think of forms rain can take on. Such as hurricanes, monsoons,and storms- It's storming out!. And the ASL way of saying rain. You would hold your hands up in front of you with your fingers spread (they represent the droplets of rain) and you would sweep them downwards quickly several times to mimic the rain falling. * chuva - rain in Portuguese :) * Rain = Hujan (Bahasa) * Shower! * Rain is ulan in Filipino. * Angel tears. * Drizzle * Pitter patter :D i heard that discribe rain before lol!! XD thanks for the great giveaway!! * Its spitting outside. =) * Don't know if you have any of these yet but I found this online: rain in Danish is regn, regne * rain in Dutch is regenen * rain in Finnish is sade, sataa * rain in French is pleuvoir, pleuvois, pluviale, pleuvez, vaser * rain in German is regnen, Regen * rain in Italian is pioggia, agitarsi, piovere * rain in Latin is pluvia * rain in Norwegian is regn * rain in Portuguese is chover, chuva * rain in Spanish is lluvia, llover * rain in Swedish is regn, regna * Heaven's Tears * My sister gave this suggestion: Torrent of descending moisture. * someone said Precipitating! :) I always say it's participating. * "It's pretty wet out there..." * niar is rain backwards.Sleet. Some also use "It's wet outside." * Rain in Greek is vrohi. * Rain in Tamil : Mazhai * Rain in Hindi : Barisa * what about the rain in songs :) "it's raining men" * or this one Rain, Rain, Beautiful Rain by Ladysmith Black Mambazo. It reflects the tranquility of the pouring rain * Cloudburst, in Filipino drizzle is "Ambon" :) * Dazd = rain in Slovak. (missing the accents) * cloudburstNot necessarily that it means rain, but my favorite type of rain is a sun shower. There's just something almost magical about it raining while the sun is still shining. Also, I love seeing the rainbows during sun showers. * chubasco, aguacero (in Spanish) * Lluvia - Rain in Spanish! * down-poring * Sade = Rain in Finnish :) * 비 [bi] in Korean. Do you know that there's an actor/singer who's name is Rain/Bi? He's Korean :) * sprinkling * Teardrops from the clouds. <3 * 강수량 - Korean for "precipitation" * precipitation * It's coming down in buckets.